FreeBSD/i386 4.11-STABLE Release Notes

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The release notes for FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE contain a summary of the changes made to the FreeBSD base system since 4.11-RELEASE. Both changes for kernel and userland are listed, as well as applicable security advisories for the base system that were issued since the last release. Some brief remarks on upgrading are also presented.

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 What's New
2.1 Security Advisories
2.2 Kernel Changes
2.2.1 Platform-Specific Hardware Support
2.2.2 Boot Loader Changes
2.2.3 Network Interface Support
2.2.4 Network Protocols
2.2.5 Disks and Storage
2.2.6 File Systems
2.2.7 PCCARD Support
2.2.8 Multimedia Support
2.3 Userland Changes
2.4 Contributed Software
2.5 Ports/Packages Collection Infrastructure
2.6 Release Engineering and Integration
3 Upgrading from previous releases of FreeBSD

1 Introduction

This document contains the release notes for FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE on the i386 hardware platform. It describes new features of FreeBSD that have been added (or changed) since 4.11-RELEASE. It also provides some notes on upgrading from previous versions of FreeBSD.

The snapshot distribution to which these release notes apply represents a point along the 4-STABLE development branch between 4.11-RELEASE and the future 4.12-RELEASE. Some pre-built, binary snapshot distributions along this branch can be found at

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