FreeBSD/alpha 4.11-STABLE Hardware Notes

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Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Supported processors and motherboards
2.1 Overview
2.2 In general, what do you need to run FreeBSD on an Alpha?
2.3 System-specific information
2.3.1 AXPpci33 (``NoName'')
2.3.2 Universal Desktop Box (UDB or ``Multia'')
2.3.3 Personal Workstation (``Miata'')
2.3.4 DEC3000 family (the ``Bird'' machines)
2.3.5 Evaluation Board 64 family
2.3.6 Evaluation Board 164 (``EB164, PC164, PC164LX, PC164SX'') family
2.3.7 AlphaStation 200 (``Mustang'') and 400 (``Avanti'') series
2.3.8 AlphaStation 500 and 600 (``Alcor'' & ``Maverick'' for EV5, ``Bret'' for EV56)
2.3.9 AlphaServer 1000 (``Mikasa''), 1000A (``Noritake'') and 800(``Corelle'')
2.3.10 DS10/VS10/XP900 (``Webbrick'') / XP1000 (``Monet'') / DS10L (``Slate'')
2.3.11 DS20/DS20E (``Goldrush'')
2.3.12 AlphaPC 264DP / UP2000
2.3.13 AlphaServer 2000 (``DemiSable''), 2100 (``Sable''), 2100A (``Lynx'')
2.3.14 AlphaServer 4x00 (``Rawhide'')
2.3.15 AlphaServer 1200 (``Tincup'') and AlphaStation 1200 (``DaVinci'')
2.3.16 AlphaServer 8200 and 8400 (``TurboLaser'')
2.3.17 Alpha Processor Inc. UP1000
2.3.18 Alpha Processor Inc. UP1100
2.3.19 Alpha Processor Inc. CS20, Compaq DS20L
2.3.20 Compaq AlphaServer ES40 (``Clipper'')
2.4 Supported Hardware Overview
2.5 Acknowledgments
3 Supported Devices
3.1 Disk Controllers
3.2 Ethernet Interfaces
3.3 FDDI Interfaces
3.4 ATM Interfaces
3.5 Wireless Network Interfaces
3.6 Miscellaneous Networks
3.7 ISDN Interfaces
3.8 Multi-port Serial Interfaces
3.9 Audio Devices
3.10 Camera and Video Capture Devices
3.11 USB Devices
3.12 IEEE 1394 (Firewire) Devices
3.13 Cryptographic Accelerators
3.14 Miscellaneous

1 Introduction

This document contains the hardware compatability notes for FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE on the Alpha/AXP hardware platform (also referred to as FreeBSD/alpha 4.11-STABLE). It lists devices known to work on this platform, as well as some notes on boot-time kernel customization that may be useful when attempting to configure support for new devices.

Note: This document includes information specific to the Alpha/AXP hardware platform. Versions of the hardware compatability notes for other architectures will differ in some details.

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