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FreeBSD/MIPS Project

Project Goal

The FreeBSD/MIPS Project aims to port FreeBSD to MIPS R4000 and newer processors, with support for both desktop platforms (e.g. SGI MIPS) and embedded systems. The ideal is for it to be as clean of a port as possible, with as few historical mistakes as are required, and to provide ports to major platforms where it makes sense for FreeBSD to maintain them, while providing a good "working base" for any third-party vendors to build their own platforms on top of FreeBSD/MIPS.

Project Plan

Initially, development is being done in the FreeBSD Perforce repository, but once the port has reached a relatively working state, it will be merged into the FreeBSD CURRENT branch. Changes made which are not MIPS specific but which are required for the port should be merged in gradually over time.

How to Contribute

The project is always looking for additional contributors. If you wish to participate, the best way to find out what is happening is to subscribe to the freebsd-mips mailing list. If you are working on a specific task relating to the project, you should contact with a description of the task so that your task can be listed below.

Resources and Links Status Board

Task Responsible Last Updated Status
Update contrib bits for toolchain. Juli Mallett 08 November 2002 Done
Add toolchain glue for FreeBSD/MIPS. Juli Mallett 08 November 2002 Done
Merge ARCBIOS kernel driver from NetBSD. Justin Wojdacki 08 November 2002 Done
Write a GEOM module for SGI fx-labelled disks. Juli Mallett 08 February 2003 Done
Fill in stub kernel headers. Juli Mallett 13 February 2003 Done
Fill in stubs for all MD functions. Juli Mallett 14 February 2003 Done
Get a kernel booting on real hardware. Juli Mallett 14 February 2003 In progress
Merge FreeBSD/MIPS configuration into FSF GCC tree. 08 November 2002 Not Started
Flesh out loader(8)'s ARC support. 08 November 2002 Not Started

Not Started Not yet started
Blocked Blocked awaiting completion of another task
In progress Work in progress
Done Task completed
Not Planned Not planned


The remainder of this page is structured as a reverse-chronological log.

08 November 2002
  • This web page was created.

The original layout for this web page was borrowed from the FreeBSD C99 Project. BSD Daemon Copyright 1988 by Marshall Kirk McKusick. All Rights Reserved.