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FreeBSD/sun4v Project


This page contains information about the FreeBSD port to Sun Microsystem's UltraSPARC-T1® architecture. Discussion of the UltraSPARC-T1 port takes place on the freebsd-sun4v mailing list.

Table Of Contents


The following people have been working either in the spotlights or behind the scenes to get the FreeBSD port off the ground:

Latest News

  • 13 November, 2006 : System time/date handling finished.

  • 12 November, 2006 : The very first install ISO and live CD can be downloaded from here: 7.0-20061112-SNAP-sun4v-disc1.iso.bz2.

    You will notice a number of acd0 timeouts during boot. These will be fixed in a later version. For now, just be patient.

    To use the live CD, use the 'Fixit' menu item. Note that this is a snapshot, so there will be a warning about the label not matching 7.0-CURRENT.

Hardware List

A summary of supported systems follows. SMP is supported on all supported systems.

What Needs To Be Done

  • Load balance interrupts between CPUs.
  • Add support for the serial port.
  • System reset and exit to OFW need to be implemented (use sc to reset).

Pointers Of Interest