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FreeBSD/pc98 Project

FreeBSD/pc98 is a port of FreeBSD which aims to run on the NEC PC-98x1 (pc98) architecture. The project's goal is to make FreeBSD/pc98 work the same as FreeBSD on other architectures. Most of the kernel source is already included in the FreeBSD source tree and most of the userland utilities built from the source work fine.

FreeBSD/pc98 Hardware Notes

8.0-CURRENT Hardware Notes

What Needs To Be Done

  • Refine resource management system to support discontinuous resources.
  • Restore the PC-9801-86 sound card support.
  • Restore the MECIA pcmcia controller support.
  • Support SMP machines.
  • Support the SASI controller.
  • Rewrite boot[12] to support the ELF binary format.

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