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FreeBSD/ARM Project

FreeBSD/ARM is a port of FreeBSD which aims to run on the ARM architecture and hardware. The project's goal is to provide support for the architecture and hardware surrounding it.

FreeBSD/ARM Hardware Notes

Currently FreeBSD should work on the i80321 based Intel devboards, which includes the IQ31244 and IQ80321 boards. Support is still minimal, covering only the CPU, PCI-X bus, em(4) Ethernet adapters, the UART and timer devices.

Minimal support for the StrongARM 1100 CPU is provided, but only within the limits of what Simics emulate: CPU, UART and clock. It is theoretically possible to boot on the Assabet board, the one Simics emulates; no attempts, successful or unsuccessful, have been reported.

What Needs To Be Done

  • SATA support needs to be added.
  • Other devices, such as watchdog, i2c and bus should be merged from NetBSD.

FreeBSD/ARM Related Links

Mini-Install guide

Olivier Houchard ( has written a mini-install guide for the current FreeBSD source. It is available here.

FreeBSD/ARM mailing list

To subscribe to this list, send mail to or visit mailman interface.

What musicians say about FreeBSD/ARM

With FreeBSD/ARM, you can enjoy the silence from running your (embedded) computer. There's even a song of that name, "Enjoy The Silence", by Depeche Mode:

All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here in my ARMs
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm