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FreeBSD News

FreeBSD News

Local news

  • Newsflash: New releases, drivers, committers, security announcements, and other news.

  • Press Releases: Press releases from the project and other related organizations.

  • Press articles: FreeBSD appearing in the regular press.

  • Status reports: FreeBSD development status reports.

Other sites

  • BSD DevCenter: The'Reilly Network's clearing house for BSD articles, news, tutorials, or generally community information.

  • Active online forums and news community site dedicated to FreeBSD and other BSDs.

  • BSD Freak: A site dedicated to delivering BSD-related articles and tutorials from a user's perspective.

  • An online magazine dedicated to all BSDs.

  • This site collects the most important news from other BSD-related sites, providing a good summary about the progress of all the BSD operating systems.

  • DaemonNews ( Monthly articles and daily discussion about all things BSD.

  • FreeBSD Diary: One man's record of his trials and triumphs with FreeBSD.

  • Kerneltrap: Daily articles and current kernel news, about BSD and Linux kernels.

  • OSNews: Daily articles and news about Linux, BSD and other operating systems.

  • Slashdot's BSD section: Pointers and discussion about BSD news, not just FreeBSD.