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FreeBSD Java™ Project: Development Tools

Included below are links to some tools that can be used on FreeBSD. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list.

  • IDEīS
    • Visual Age for Java - Professional
      Joachim Jaeckel has put together a page on how to run Visual Age for Java Professional 3.0 (Linux) under -CURRENT:
    • JDE
      (X)Emacs mode for editing Java.
    • visaj
      A commercial visual application builder for Java.
    • jEdit
      jEdit is a programmer's text editor written in Java with Swing and allows for plug-ins. The author is also working on jEdit-IDE.
    • NetBeans
      New IDE written completely in java, different versions available, free and commercial ones. Now part Sun Microsystems.
    • JWS - Sunīs IDE
      Will not longer be maintained since Sun acquired NetBeans to use it as their IDE from now on.
    • FreeBuilder
      Open Source IDE, nice start but seems to be slowing down in progress lately, but donīt trust all the infos on the webpages, just check out the newest CVS-sources.
    • ElixirIDE
      An IDE that includes a debugger. Rated a JARS top 5%.
    • Eclipse
      An open extensible IDE for anything and nothing in particular.
    • IDEA
      IDEA is a commercial Java IDE with extensive refactoring support.
  • JDBC
  • UML
    • TogetherJ
      UML based development environment, written in Java. Different editions available, even a free one.
  • Tools
    • Jikes
      Ultra fast java compiler from IBM (available as port).