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FreeBSD Java™ Project: JDK™ 2 (aka JDK 1.2)

September 18, 2002: Greg Lewis has released a new patchset for JDK™ 1.2.2.

Of most interest to FreeBSD users is the inclusion of JPDA support. The other significant changes are support for both NetBSD and OpenBSD.

As previously stated, the patchset is available from, although FreeBSD users are encouraged to use the port in ports/java/jdk12.

October 14, 2000: Greg Lewis' native FreeBSD JDK 1.2.2 is now in beta test stage and is now available in the ports directory (ports/java/jdk12-beta).
While this is only for i386 architecture at the moment, this will allow anyone running the i386 (most of you) the opportunity to build a native JDK2, and then test them out against your favorite apps and custom code. If you use something regularly, why not make a port of it? Instructions are available at Porters Handbook.

If you want to try to build it by hand, due to SCSL concerns, you now have to go to and agree to the SCSL before downloading.

Note: This port will take a lot of hard drive space to build (around 250 MB).

May 3, 2000: Greg Lewis has just announced that the native FreeBSD JDK 1.2.2 port has entered alpha test stage.
In its current form, the port will build and run on most FreeBSD releases (3.4, 4.0 and 5.0 on x86) and work is being done on the others (2.2.8 on x86 and 4.0 alpha). Most demo applets and applications run.
Currently we are looking for enthusiasts who are willing to spend a little time testing the new port. While this is not a trivial task, there are clear step-by-step insturctions on how to build and use the port.
The patches may be found, as usual on:
More information, open issues and step-by-step instructions may be found at:

March 22, 2000: Greg Lewis releases the pre-alpha patches for enterprising Java users to build their own native FreeBSD JDK 1.2.2 from. This process is not for the faint of heart, and the resulting JDK is not for production systems. Having said that, most AWT and Swing demo's have been found to run. There is plenty of work to do, and we need all the testers we can find. Patches and build instructions may be downloaded from Current issues and test results may be found at

January 30, 2000: The Linux Blackdown Port Team has released RC4 of JDK 1.2 . It has been tested on FreeBSD 3.4-STABLE and later and runs all demo applets and jfc demos. Several people have mentioned some problems running it with Apache JServ. Until it can be added to the FreeBSD port tree, it can be found at (Reported by Jose Marques)

October 11, 1999: Work has re-started on the Java2/JDK1.2 port. Expect an early 'alpha' release in the coming weeks for FreeBSD 3.3-stable/ELF boxes.

For most JDK2 development issues, you can use the JDK1 release and the Swing releases provided by Sun for JDK1, which works very well under FreeBSD.