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FreeBSD Internal Pages

This page contains pointers to pages documenting aspects of the FreeBSD project itself, as viewed separately from the codebase.


There are various projects which lie outside the mainstream development path, in which a number of groups are working on the 'cutting edge' to expand FreeBSD's range of capabilities in new directions.

Here is an overview of the FreeBSD Release Engineering Process.

Here are the official package building procedures.

And here you will find the schedules for upcoming official releases of FreeBSD.


To avoid chaos with a project this large spread out all over the globe, there have to be some Policies for FreeBSD Committers.


The FreeBSD Project Staff consists of the FreeBSD Core Team and the FreeBSD Developers; this document contains a list of them, as well as explanations of who is responsible for what.

Here are some personal homepages hosted at, as well as some photos from social events.


Here is a list of some technical resources for FreeBSD committers.

For those with accounts on the main network, here are the machine resources that are available and the sorts of work they are intended for.

You can learn more about the FreeBSD WWW server, including the machine, the software, mirroring the FreeBSD web pages, and usage statistics.

Here is a list of various FreeBSD Statistics such as web and FTP traffic, and release usage by release version.