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FreeBSD GNOME Project: How To Help

There is always something to do around the GNOME FreeBSD camp. Grab something that sounds interesting to you, and run with it.

  • Test existing ports, and report bugs. Try to build with weird configurations intentionally, before someone else tries to do so cluelessly.

  • Regularly install GNOME from packages, and report any problems with the install or the functionality.

  • Find GNOME applications not yet ported to FreeBSD, and work on porting them over.

  • Subscribe to the freebsd-gnome mailing list, and help answer users' questions.

  • Proofread the FreeBSD GNOME project pages, and offer feedback and updates.

  • Build, upgrade, and rebuild both stable and development versions. The script, available from the MarcusCom portstools repository, can automate the entire process, from start to finish.

Send any feedback to