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FreeBSD Documentation Project: Documentation Set

FreeBSD's documentation falls into three basic categories:

  1. The manual pages

    The Project does not really concern itself with these, since they are a part of the base system. The exception to this is the Japanese team, who are translating them. There is no reason other volunteers could not step in to translate the manual pages to other languages as well.

    That is not to say that the manual pages are unimportant, far from it. It is just that they are intimately tied to specific systems of FreeBSD, and most of the time the best person to write the manual page is the person that wrote that part of FreeBSD.

  2. The Books

    The project has a large amount of documentation that is "book length", or becoming that way. These include the FreeBSD FAQ and the FreeBSD Handbook.

  3. The Articles

    FreeBSD has a wealth of information available in shorter, article form -- similar to the tutorials or HOWTO documentation of other projects.

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