12.8 UIDs and GIDs

The current list of reserved UIDs and GIDs can be found in ports/UIDs and ports/GIDs.

If your port requires a certain user to be on the installed system, let the pkg-install script call pw to create it automatically. Look at net/cvsup-mirror for an example. Please note that this is strongly discouraged, please register user/group ID numbers as stated below.

If your port must use the same user/group ID number when it is installed as a binary package as when it was compiled, then you must choose a free UID from 50 to 999 and register it either in ports/UIDs (for users) or in ports/GIDs (for groups). Look at japanese/Wnn6 for an example.

Make sure you do not use a UID already used by the system or other ports.

Please include a patch against these two files when you require a new user or group to be created for your port.

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