Chapter 26 Electronic Mail

Table of Contents
26.1 Synopsis
26.2 Using Electronic Mail
26.3 sendmail Configuration
26.4 Changing Your Mail Transfer Agent
26.5 Troubleshooting
26.6 Advanced Topics
26.7 SMTP with UUCP
26.8 Setting Up to Send Only
26.9 Using Mail with a Dialup Connection
26.10 SMTP Authentication
26.11 Mail User Agents
26.12 Using fetchmail
26.13 Using procmail
Original work by Bill Lloyd. Rewritten by Jim Mock.

26.1 Synopsis

“Electronic Mail”, better known as email, is one of the most widely used forms of communication today. This chapter provides a basic introduction to running a mail server on FreeBSD, as well as an introduction to sending and receiving email using FreeBSD; however, it is not a complete reference and in fact many important considerations are omitted. For more complete coverage of the subject, the reader is referred to the many excellent books listed in Appendix B.

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