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Commercial Vendors

The power, flexibility, and reliability of FreeBSD attract a wide variety of users and vendors. Here you will find vendors offering commercial products and/or services for FreeBSD.

For your convenience, we have divided our growing commercial listing into several sections. If your company supports a FreeBSD-compatible product or service that should be added to this page, please fill out a problem report for category www. Submissions should be in HTML and a medium-sized paragraph in length.

Software Vendors

Aestiva HTML/OS
Aestiva HTML/OS is a complete solution for advanced, dynamic web site and web software development. It eliminates the need for CGI programming and integration tools, includes a built-in database engine and tools for packaging and copy-protecting commercial web products, and supports over a dozen platforms. Visit for more information.
Ahsay Online Backup Software
Ahsay Online Backup Software is a commercial solution for ISPs and online backup service providers. Besides its robust backup features and multi-platform support, AhsayOBS is the only fully brandable solution on the market. AhsayOBS is user-friendly, yet feature-rich. Not only does it support common features like incremental file backup and scheduled backup, it also supports brick-level Exchange backup (including Outlook mails, calendar, etc). AhsayOBS is specially designed to backup databases such as MS SQL Server, MySQL Server, Oracle, MS Exchange Server, Lotus Domino Server and more. AhsayOBS offers high level of security. Data from multiple AhsayOBS can be further replicated to Ahsay Replication Server as an additional level of protection. Besides, data can be restored to a particular snapshot across different platforms. Moreover, extensive APIs and comprehensive reports facilitate account management. Being the global leader with over 150,000 installations, AhsayOBS is multilingual in 18 languages, and the number is growing. For more information and a free download, visit us at
Aker Firewall
Aker Firewall is a firewall solution which runs on FreeBSD. The firewall provides a stateful filtering engine, Network Address Translation (NAT), cryptography (with manual key exchange and SKIP), automatic responses to pre-configured events, and remote administration by a easy-to-use graphical interface which runs on many different platforms. For more information, please visit our web site or send a e-mail to
Akopia is the developer of Interchange, the leading open source e-commerce platform that runs on FreeBSD and other UNIX Operating systems. Interchange offers an extensive feature set including:
  • Intuitive content management functionality, enabling business users to easily manage large, complex catalogs.
  • Flexible merchandising, maximizing sales through product presentation, cross-sells, up-sells, and promotions.
  • Powerful transaction management functionality that handles complex business rules and fully integrates with legacy systems.
  • Comprehensive administration and reporting, which keeps business and technical management informed and in control.
  • Flexible, extensible architecture, ensuring scalability and providing room to grow.
Akopia offers professional Interchange support and an array of e-commerce professional services. For more information and a free download, visit us at
AM'SOFT (Andrew Maltsev's Software) features EasySQL, an ODBC-like, database-independent C/C++ library. Full source code is available.
Anoigo is an open source solutions provider, focusing mainly on the SME market. With more than 25 years IT and technology experience we offer a full range of services from web development to systems integration. Our main area of expertise includes turnkey systems, system administration, penetration testing, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl. We can be reached at or at
Anthemion Software Ltd.
Anthemion DialogBlocks helps you create resizeable, platform-independent user interfaces for wxWidgets in C++ or XRC. Generated code can be edited in DialogBlocks or in other applications, and DialogBlocks will merge its own changes into your edited source files. You can compile your projects (and wxWidgets itself) using DialogBlocks' extensive configuration mechanism, which allows most popular compilers to be used. Controls that are not directly supported by DialogBlocks can be catered for by definining their main characteristics for the benefit of C++ and XRC generation. Complex dialogs such as multi-page notebooks and wizards can be edited and previewed directly, without having to piece the parts together by writing further code. DialogBlocks also supports validators, the data transfer mechanism, and can generate conditional code, for example specific UIs for certain platforms. DialogBlocks is available from
AstroArch Consulting
AstroArch Consulting, Inc. develops and licenses its ISP Billing and Tracking System (BATS) for FreeBSD as well as thirteen other Operating Systems. For more information, check out, send email to, or call +1.512.990.9711.
Ballista is a network security auditing tool for evaluation of security postures in areas where high assurance levels are critical. Ballista is primarily designed to audit the remote security aspects of networks and runs quite well under FreeBSD.
BinarySEC is an intelligent web application firewall. It runs on FreeBSD as an Apache module either on i386 and amd64 architectures. Its artificial intelligence engine learns normal traffic received on a website or any web application (provided it uses Apache) and is then able to stop suspicious HTTP requests. It has two modes: alert (suspicious traffic is just reported, not stopped) and blocking mode. The webmaster (or the admin) has the ability to make the AI engine learn normal traffic so that the profiles of these requests generate no more false positives. After a few days, no more false alerts will appear, only suspicious traffic will have been blocked. BinarySEC is a relevant tool to harden a web application.
A free trial is available on our website. It can be installed in a few minutes. Grab it from here.
Brown Bear Software
Brown Bear Software produces and supports Calcium, an interactive Web Calendar server you use via your browser. Features include: dynamic calendar merging multiple views and formats; repeating events, email notification and reminders, iCalendar support, Palm Pilot synchronization, color and font customization, support for full HTML in event text and calendar headers and footers, popup text associated with any event, searching & filtering, multi-language support, flexible security model, and more. Calcium is very easy to use and fully supported. It runs anywhere that supports Perl CGIs; no non-standard Perl modules are necessary. A live On-Line Demo is available; you can download an evaluation copy (fully functional, but limited to a single calendar), or try your own private demo on our servers.
BS Project
BS Project is an outsourcing project. The goal of the project is development real-time billing system for VoIP carriers. Our flagship product VoIP BS is designed for medium and small sized VoIP carriers. VoIP BS is available for FreeBSD and Linux. For further information, please see
C-Forge (pronounced Code Forge) is a multi-user integrated development environment that provides full project management and complete edit/compile/debug cycle support. Features include complete abstraction of the "makefile" concept, a Project Manager for visual presentation of project structure and component status using a dependency tree and a separate "desktop" area showing work in progress, support for C/C++, Perl, Oracle ProC/C++, Tcl, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python, Qt, Pascal, Free Pascal, FORTRAN, TeX/LaTeX, SGML, Modula-2, and Assembler, integrated revision control, fully configurable programmer's editor, and much more. An evaluation version is available for download.
Cactus International Inc.
Cactus International Inc.

Backup Professional Enterprise Wide Network Backup

The Enterprise Wide Backup and Recovery System, which provides high-performance backup and recovery for a wide variety of systems across your intranet. The Backup Professional utilizes a Client/Server architecture to provide enterprise-wide services via TCP/IP. Master and Incremental backups for each client or group of clients can be scheduled as often as desired. The Backup Professional's internal database maintains every backup on the tape and every file in that backup. System Administration of the Backup Library is only a few keystrokes away.
ChartDirector is a powerful chart component for creating professional and interactive charts for both web and standalone applications. Its unique layering architecture enables you to synthesize the charts you want using standard chart layers. ChartDirector's comprehensive chart styles include pie, donut, bar, line, spline, step line, trend line, curve-fitting, inter-line coloring, area, scatter, bubble, floating box, box-whisker, waterfall, finance (numerous indicators support), gantt, vector, radar, polar, rose, and angular and linear meters and guages. ChartDirector charts are interactive with full suite of mouse events, tool tips and are AJAX enabled.

ChartDirector includes with the following editions:

Free trial (no expiration!) available from
CheapBytes, a company that specializes in low-cost technical products, now has FreeBSD products available on CD-ROM. Among our offerings, you will find FreeBSD CD-ROM sets and FreeBSD related books. For further information, please see or send e-mail to:
ClickTime is an easy-to-use web timesheet for billing, cost accounting, and payroll. User-friendly and superfast, employees can easily enter time on any computer (Mac or PC) with an Internet connection. And if they forget, ClickTime will remind them. Now, employees don't have to wait to get back to the office to submit their expenses; with ClickTime they can be approved from anywhere without paperwork hassles. Managers are also saved those hassles with powerful reports, simple timesheet approval, 24-hour customer support, and data-export to Excel, QuickBooks, PDF, and other popular software. Cost effective and time saving, ClickTime requires no contract, no installation, and minimal training. Try our 30-day free trial and see for yourself that ClickTime is the simplest way to track employee time.
Conetic Software
Conetic Software is offering a FREE copy of C/BASE 4GL for the FreeBSD operating system. C/BASE 4GL features a powerful and fully portable application-development tool and database engine. It featuring an easy-to-use visual development environment, a scripting language, and application libraries with a C language (API) interface. Your FREE copy of C/BASE 4GL is set to run for a maximum of 2 concurrent users and 1,000 records. Please contact us at if you would like a taste of even more power and programming fun.
Connect Daily Web Calendar
Connect Daily is a Java based web calendar. It provides advanced capabilities for scheduling resources including Gantt Chart views and approvals. Users can subscribe to notifications and reminders to receive Email messages about events as they are added. Event export to iCal is supported, as well as a synchronization program to export events to Palm and MS Outlook. Users can be authenticated against LDAP directories or MS Active Directory.
Cool Horizon
Cool Horizon provides a billing package for ISPs, called Internet Billing. This package was designed to handle all billing needs for Internet Service Providers. It runs under MS-Windows. One piece of the software is a client/server set, with a daemon that runs on a UNIX server (including FreeBSD), allowing the client to do all of their user management under a Windows front end.
CoSORT is the leading high-performance data sorting and manipulation package for high volumes processed on UNIX servers. CoSORT first shipped on UNIX in 1985 and can sort in parallel at rates exceeding 2GB per minute. CoSORT is most commonly used for: mainframe and COBOL sort and data migrations; speeding very large database (VLDB) reorg and loads; integrating and staging massive data warehouse (and data webhouse) extracts in ETL and ODS environments; directly replacing more than a dozen third-party sort engines with plug 'n' play interfaces; and, for writing custom reports in simple-to-complex, multi-format/multi-target environments. CoSORT can collate and convert between more than 100 data types. Most importantly, CoSORT allows you to combine sorting with its selection, joins, aggregation, type-conversion, cross-calculation, remapping, and formatting functions all in a single-pass through your data. Visit, or call 1-800-333-SORT for more information and your FREE 30-day trial.
Cybernet Systems
Cybernet Systems produces the NetMAX line of Thin Servers and Professional Products for FreeBSD. The Thin Server Series consists of the FireWall (with Router), WebServer (with email and FTP), and FileServer (with print sharing). The NetMAX Professional contains these three, as well as the Discussion Group/NewsServer, dial in capabilities, enhanced system management and reporting functions, expanded support, and more. Easily install the included OS through a GUI and set up and manage your server through a web browser. Save time on mundane tasks. Access to the command line is available for "traditional" Unix use.
Dartware, LLC
Dartware's flagship product, InterMapper, shows active maps that give a visual, real-time view of traffic flows through and between critical network devices and links. The status windows permit you to be proactive as well as reactive by displaying the percentage of capacity being used by any link or device. InterMapper uses pings, SNMP, Web, SMTP, and dozens of built-in server probes to keep tabs on the critical parts of your network, and let you know when you have problems-even before your customers call. When InterMapper detects a problem, it sends a notification to one or more responsible individuals. These sounds, emails, pages and text messages can be delayed or repeated to establish escalation schedules. InterMapper's auto-discovery and map-arrangement tools let you install and get it running in an hour or two.
A non-expiring, full-functional license that lets you monitor up to five devices can be obtained for free. For more information, visit
DBMaker provides you with a professional database system with multimedia capabilities, a native ODBC interface, large database features, and cross-platform support. The unique open architecture and native ODBC interface give you the freedom to build custom applications using a wide variety of programming tools such as Visual Basic or Delphi, or query your database using existing ODBC-compliant applications. DBMaker provides excellent multimedia-handling capabilities, allowing you to store, search, retrieve, and manipulate all types of multimedia data. Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) allow you to ensure the integrity of your multimedia data by taking full advantage of the advanced security and crash-recovery mechanisms included in DBMaker; File Objects (FOs) allow you to manage your multimedia data, while maintaining the capability to edit individual files in the source application. Download a free copy now! - This free copy of DBMaker includes a three-user license with no time or storage limitations. Additional information is available at
db.* is a free, small-footprint (less than 150K) open-source database management system (DBMS) designed to provide powerful, flexible, high-performance capabilities for developing applications using an embedded database. By combining the network and relational model technologies in a single system, db.* lets you organize and access information efficiently, regardless of the complexity of the data. It is well-documented and absolutely free to use, modify and distribute on Open Source operating systems. db.* is very reliable and stable, and as all embedded databases, requires no DBA.
Dynode Productions
Dynode Productions, located in Perth - Western Australia, offers administrative services for FreeBSD and OpenBSD systems ranging from: default gateways; email, web and file servers; and workstations. Please visit our web site for more information.
Easysoft Ltd
Easysoft Ltd Easysoft's ODBC-ODBC Bridge 2000 (OOB) provides full access to any local ODBC data source from any remote client, such as Unix, Linux, OpenVMS, Windows, or other systems. For more information, or to download the software, please visit Easysoft's JDBC-ODBC Bridge 2000 (JOB) provides Type 3 JDBC access from Java Applets or Applications on the FreeBSD platform to ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) data sources anywhere on the network where the server component of the bridge is installed. More information can be found on our web site
EasyStat is a "counter"-like application. It will keep track of the number of visitors to your site, as well as gather information about your visitors such as their browser, operating system, referrer, etc. EasyStat will then display all it gathers in an elegant fashion, a demo of which is available on its site.
Efficient IP
Efficient IP is US based Solutions Provider - software editor focused on the development of professional tools to manage IP networks, wide architecture of DHCP and DNS servers. Our objective is to provide you with a complete, simple and dynamic solution, which will allow you to carry out all administration of these services, whilst adapting to the technical, human or administrative constraints of your IT installation.
Eiffel Software
Eiffel Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed for the Eiffel object-oriented application development language. Beside the Enterprise Edition, a Free Edition for non-commercial use only is freely available for download.
Elastic Path Software
Elastic Path Software is the pioneer of flexible, developer friendly, Java ecommerce software architecture for building sophisticated and evolving online stores. In a world full of complex software, our lightweight ecommerce framework is refreshingly simple, provides unlimited flexibility and minimizes total cost of ownership. Companies such as Xerox, Sunoco, Procter & Gamble, 24 Hour Fitness, JBoss and Random House use Elastic Path for the core ecommerce features they demand today and the maximum flexibility they need for tomorrow.
Elego ComPact Configuration Management. Elego ComPact is a set of tools for configuration management, based on a very reliable and scalable solution for version control, integrated with a multi-platform language-independent build system, and the concept of software packages. It offers scriptable command-line-oriented programs, as well as an HTTP/HTML based GUI, and can be easily introduced in a stepwise fashion.

Some of its features are: client/server design, baseline and release branch support, checkin/checkout model, package-oriented change sets, integrated build system, support for development for/on heterogeneous platforms, scalable from one to hundreds of developers, default configurations for C, C++, Java, Modula-3, easily portable to most PC and workstation platforms.

Elego ComPact currently uses CVS as its underlying version control machine, though future versions may support other systems, too. Binaries are available for FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, and Solaris/SPARC systems. John Polstra's CVSup may be used for repository mirroring/replication. Like CVSup, Elego ComPact is completely written in Modula-3.

Fully functional demo CDs, including binaries for all supported platforms, and documentation in HTML, DVI, PDF, and PS format can be obtained by sending e-mail to More information is also available from the Elego WWW Homepage.

Empress Software
Empress Software develops the EMPRESS RDBMS, a powerful and cost-effective ANSI SQL database management system designed for developing robust scientific and engineering, embedded, and e-commerce solutions. The EMPRESS RDBM engine is fast and compact, efficiently stores and manipulates any data, and is maintenance-free. Companion products include an Internet application development toolkit, ODBC Interface, a pure Java client, a C++ interface, and interfaces to popular scripting languages like XML, PHP, Perl, and Tcl/Tk. Empress offers a free 30 day evaluation, complete with technical support.
Empress Software Inc.
Empress Software Inc. has developed Embedded Empress Developer's Toolkit. To learn more about the toolkit, please visit
Enhanced Software Technologies
Enhanced Software Technologies develops BRU, a very powerful and reliable tape backup system. It offers per-file compression, an improved tape format with three different kinds of verification, and many safety checks to insure data integrity. A Fully ELF-based version is available for FreeBSD 3.1/3.2.
EtherPage provides a client/server based alphanumeric paging solution for Unix networks and Windows NT. Both command line and web interfaces are provided. Ideally suited for system and database administration, EtherPage allows messages to be sent automatically to support personnel based on database events, etc. Other features include links to email, integration with user-written scripts, multiple recipients, pagers selected by time of day/day of week, duplicate message suppression, long message splitting/truncation, job logging, and C API. Virtually all paging services are supported.
FairCom Corporation
FairCom Corporation has provided quality database development tools for the professional programmer since 1979. FairCom is best known for its extremely portable, high-performance data management product, c-tree Plus. The product is released in full source code and supports peer-to-peer development and client-side development for use with the c-tree database server. The FreeBSD version offers advanced cross-platform functionality, including industrial quality transaction processing, file mirroring, huge file support and disaster recovery. The FairCom ODBC Driver and Crystal Report(tm) interfaces allow end-users to access c-tree Plus applications with higher level products such as Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports. The FairCom toolset is completed with r-tree, a powerful report generator and the powerful FairCom server, with heterogeneous network support, which allows dissimilar clients to attach to one platform and easily migrate to over 20 supported platforms, from FreeBSD to Windows to Mac. For more information, please visit
Gaussian Inc.
Gaussian Inc. produces Gaussian 94, the latest in the Gaussian series of electronic structure programs. It is being used in chemistry and physics research in several universities and research and supercomputer centers around the world. Gaussian 94 is designed to model a broad range of molecular systems under a variety of conditions, performing its computations starting from the basic laws of quantum mechanics. Gaussian 94 can predict energies, molecular structures, vibrational frequencies, and numerous molecular properties for systems in the gas phase and in solution, and can model both their ground state and excited states.
Herrin Software Development
Herrin Software Development, Inc. offers Qddb database software, Gustar site search engines, Qbib bibliography-management software, and other products that run on FreeBSD and other UNIX platforms. To download these packages or to learn more, please visit
HighWind Software
HighWind Software develops Cyclone, Typhoon, and Breeze. USENET server products are available for FreeBSD 3.0 and later. HighWind products are carrier-class Internet News Servers and are in wide-spread use at almost every major ISP involved in USENET. Free trials are available at
HKS, Incorporated
HKS, Incorporated offers CCVS for FreeBSD. CCVS allows Unix systems to act as a POS terminal. Our APIs let people build credit card processing capabilities into just about any system that runs on any Unix we support. Please visit our web site for more details.
Icon Laboratories
Icon Laboratories offers Envoy for FreeBSD. Envoy is a ported version of ISI's popular Envoy SNMP libraries. Each port includes SNMP libraries and header files for C development, a MIB compiler and source code for a sample agent, designed specifically for FreeBSD. For more information, send email to
IEA Software, Inc.
Emerald Management Suite
Emerald offers automated billing, reporting, account management, integrated AAA/RADIUS, CRM, customer self sign-up and management, usage billing, network accounting, automatic scheduling, provisioning and powerful security features enabling Virtual ISP and roaming scenarios. For more information information on Emerald please see the Emerald product page. A free evaluation license including full product support is available form the IEA download center. For an on-line look at the product, a web-based demonstration is available here. Emerald runs natively on FreeBSD 5.0 or later.
Infinitum Group
Infinitum Group provides several high-end solutions, based upon FreeBSD and other *NIX/BSD based platforms. Our do-maintenance-yourself website product runs on FreeBSD, in combination with Zope. If you would like an easy maintenance website or custom software development, please contact us at or by phone at +31 (0)70-3108950.
Infoflex, Inc.
Infoflex, Inc. products include: 1) SQLflex, an SQL client/server clone of Informix ESQL/C and Informix Standard engine, 2) Infoflex-4GL, a 4GL language syntactically similar to Informix and database compatible, 3) Queryflex, a point and shoot report writer enabling novice users to develop their own reports.4) AccountFlex, a full featured accounting system for Order Entry, Inventory, Job Cost, Bill of Materials, Purchasing, A/R, A/P, G/L, and Payroll. All Infoflex products are supported on UNIX, DOS, NT, and VMS. For more information on Infoflex products, please visit our web site or email us at
Inlab Software GmbH
Inlab Software GmbH offers binaries of Inlab-Scheme for FreeBSD and Linux (FREE for personal or educational use). Inlab-Scheme is a R4RS-compliant Scheme, which is capable of reading and writing TIFF and XBM-bitmaps to and from a special internal bitmap type. With built-in primitives for image processing, Inlab-Scheme can be a general tool for tasks like optical character recognition and general analysis and processing of bitmap data.
InterBase is The Perfect Embedded Database. Behind every great client/server application, you will find a great database and very possibly an embedded database. The hallmark of a great embedded database is its ability to empower applications and deliver information while remaining virtually invisible to the end user and requiring little or no attention from the database administrator. That database is InterBase. InterBase's Japanese partner, RIOS Corporation, is now offering a port of InterBase 4 for FreeBSD. Additional information is available at or directly from RIOS at /
i-Pass Alliance is the leading provider of global Internet-roaming solutions for Internet service providers. We provide a total solution that enables ISPs to join a global network and provide convenient, low-cost worldwide access to their traveling Internet subscribers. We are an independent organization, handling the financial settlement between you and other Internet service providers and enabling you to bill their subscribers for this service. There is no cost to join and no cost for the i-Pass software. The i-Pass cross-authorization and settlement software is compatible with all common authentication protocols and servers, including FreeBSD. For more information, please visit
Irie Tools
Irie Tools develops Irie Pascal, a multi-platform compiler and interpreter that creates console programs and web server programs using the Common Gateway Interface. Features include strong support for Standard Pascal (ideal for learning Pascal), MySQL database programming, and creating programs to process large datasets (no 64K limit on code or data). Irie Pascal supports five different operating systems (FreeBSD, Windows, Linux, Solaris/x86, and Solaris/Sparc). There is a separate edition of Irie Pascal for each supported operating system, and programs created with the compiler in any edition can be executed (without being recompiled) by the interpreters in all editions. A free evaluation copy is available at the Irie Tools website.
journyx WebTime
journyx WebTime is a web-based time and attendance tracking product for engineering departments and technical consultancies or contracting firms with people on the go. It was developed on FreeBSD. Since it is web-based, it allows for worldwide collection of data.
Joydesk is a Web-based Groupware package from VirtualTek Corporation, an ISV based in Seattle, WA. VirtualTek has developed a state-of-the-art, web-based Groupware server that runs on FreeBSD and allows an ISP, Portal, or virtually any website running on FreeBSD to integrate web-based email, calendar, address book, message board and other features. It's fully customizable, so you maintain your own name and brand, installs in about 15 minutes and is offered at a low, one-time cost. Download a copy today and don't forget to create your free account if you would like to experience Joydesk's features firsthand.
Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Lab offers KasperskyT Anti-Virus (AVP) - a unique anti-virus solution for FreeBSD. The product provides comprehensive protection for your file and application servers and gateways running FreeBSD. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for FreeBSD includes the most complete set of anti-virus tools that will help you to build a multi-level defense system against attacks of malicious code of any type, including computer viruses, Internet worms and Trojan horses. The package includes an anti-virus scanner for on-demand check for viruses on data storage devices (local and network); an anti-virus daemon that filters data from viruses in real-time mode. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for FreeBSD offers an interactive configuration program and a utility for automatic anti-virus database updates download. The product also includes a ready-made solution to integrate the product into popular Sendmail and Qmail gateways. This is a perfect solution to create your own centralized filtering system for e-mail traffic and cleanse it of viruses. The client part of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for FreeBSD/BSDi is supplied in open source code. This enables you to easily integrate the product into your own applications to perform specific tasks, e.g., into other e-mail or application servers. Kaspersky Lab also develops anti-virus solutions for DOS, Windows 95/98, Windows 2000/NT Workstation/Server, Novell NetWare, Linux, OS/2, BSDi, MS Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, and MS Office 2000.
Kernun Firewall
Kernun firewall is a commercial software package consisting of a set of application proxies, configuration tools and other utilities, delivered with their source code. It relies on FreeBSD operating system and a piece of hardware (currently, i386 PC and amd64 Hammer architectures are supported). Kernun firewall is extremely effective in controlling data communication on all network layers.
Kernun firewall is designed to mediate legitimate communication between hosts on different networks, if it is allowed by firewall policy, while stopping both illegitimate communication and network attacks launched on one network and aiming at a different network protected by Kernun. It can also be used to cease misuse of network resources, detect and block viruses, spyware, spam and other unwanted content.
KX Systems
KX Systems presents Kdb, an RDBMS that provides both transaction processing and decision support capabilities for large amounts of data. Kdb extracts data from ODBC, flat files, ASCII, and binary storage formats. Kdb connects with Excel, Visual Basic, C, Java and HTML, enabling users with Web browsers to access and analyze data from any location. Data formats include relational, multidimensional, time series, and object. Queries are written in SQL and KSQL, an extended, more powerful query language. Application deployment is client/server. High-end processing is parallel. Kdb supports FreeBSD, Linux, UNIX, and NT. For more information, call Kx Systems at +1 305 642 5242 or visit
Lilikoi Software
Ceilidh, from Lilikoi Software, Inc., is a bulletin board package for the World Wide Web, intra-, and extra-nets. It adds discussion forum capability to Web servers, including Apache. Ceilidh's forums are accessible through all browsers; its users can also opt for notification of new messages by e-mail. The forums are threaded and self-maintaining, with old messages being automatically deleted according to a schedule chosen by the administrator and author. Contact Lilikoi Software at, +1.619.405.4247 (Voice) or +1.619.487.0451 (Fax).
Lone Star Software Corp
For over 15 years, LONE-TAR has been the de facto standard backup solution for the UNIX Systems Administrator. LONE-TAR is a fully menu-driven data-archiving and -recovery utility. It employs high compression, allowing it to double the capacity of your archive device, as well as Bit-level Verification of archived data against the hard disk.
Lugaru Software Ltd.
Lugaru's Epsilon Programmer's Editor features EMACS-style & Brief-style key bindings, C/C++/Java, Perl, HTML, and TeX modes, concurrent compiler control with typescript journaling, syntax highlighting, asynchronous Internet support, smart indenting & tags, and multi-file, multi-directory search & replace. Plus full undo/redo, directory-spanning file patterns, command/filename completion, convenient keyboard macros, interactive customizability, and much more. Executables for FreeBSD, Linux, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/3.1, OS/2, and DOS are included. Visit for details and a free evaluation copy.
MainStreet Softworks develops and markets critical financial transaction software to the retail, mail/phone order, and eCommerce industries. Their primary software offering, the MainStreet Credit Verification Engine, provides direct credit card authorization/settlement services on many POSIX-compliant Host Operating Systems such as FreeBSD. MCVE provides all the required functionality to authorize and settle Major Credit Cards and is certified with Established Clearing Houses (processors) to ensure the lowest possible merchant rates. To find out more, visit our web site or contact us at info@mainstreetsoftworks.c om.
Mercantec, Inc.
Mercantec, Inc. develops SoftCart(tm), a complete retail electronic commerce solution for marketing and selling goods and services on the World Wide Web. Mercantec sells its products through a worldwide network of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Web hosting service providers, Web consultants, software developers, integrators, and OEMs. Visit us at, contact us through email at, or call us at +1.630.305.3200. provides both the Open Motif toolkit for FreeBSD via download and also a range of technical information, resources, and in-depth hints and tips for X/Motif developers. To download Open Motif for FreeBSD, please visit
Muonics' MIB Smithy is a software product for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) developers, Management Information Base (MIB) designers and internet-draft authors providing a Visual GUI-based environment for designing, editing and compiling MIB modules according to the SMIv1 and SMIv2 (Structure of Management Information) standards. MIB Smithy is supported on several platforms, including FreeBSD. More information and a 15-day limited evaluation version can be obtained from
NAG, Ltd.
NAG, Ltd. produces a Fortran-90 Compiler for most flavors of Unix (including FreeBSD), VMS, and the PC. The NAGWare f90 Compiler is a full implementation of Fortran 90 (which, by definition, includes Fortran 77) plus a single-processor implementation of HPF. For further information, in North America, email, and elsewhere, email Or, visit
NameSurfer, Ltd.
NameSurfer, Ltd. NameSurfer is a distributed administration tool for DNS data, with a WWW-based graphical user interface for remote Internet and Intranet DNS administration. A fully functional evaluation version is available for FreeBSD. For more information, please visit
NetBeans, Inc.
NetBeans, Inc. make Java IDEs, written in Java, that run on FreeBSD. A complete set of Open APIs is available for extending the environment.
NetBoz Firewall
NetBoz Firewall Free CD-ROM bootable firewall. No hard disk required. Web administration interface, real time traffic monitoring and more. Visit our web site
NetCon Corporation
NetCon Corporation, established in 1985 and with over 10,000 installed servers, is the leading supplier of NetWare-compatible operating systems and Internet Gateways for standard UNIX platforms. NetCon offers a complete line of systems for FreeBSD, SUN Solaris, SCO UNIX/ODT and IBM AIX RS6000, serving from 5 to 1000 users. Services include: Full Internet access from NetWare/WIN95/Windows workstations over IPX/SPX, X Windows over IPX/SPX, NetWare file and print services, NetWare Client services for UNIX, High-performance, DOS/Windows Terminal Emulation.
Netsville, Inc.
Netsville, Inc. sells an Internet merchandising system called Hazel which allows webmasters, web consultants, or regular shopkeeps to create a web storefront on the Internet. Hazel interfaces with web servers, using SSL for security and various transaction processors for credit card authorization. The developers actually wrote Hazel using FreeBSD as their operating system. If you need a flexible shopping cart solution for the Internet, Hazel is your best bet.
Nettix Peru
Nettix Peru provides value added solutions based on opensource software for todays Peruvian and Latin-american small and mid-range companies. Our main skills are in Linux, Unix, Networking, and Security related subjects.
netZuno Technologies designs and develops ZunoBox, FreeBSD-based network server software for growing enterprises. ZunoBox provides a comprehensive set of networking tools that are easy enough for the novice, yet sophisticated enough for the needs of experienced sysadmins. ZunoBox systems include cross-platform file and print sharing, email service, an Internet gateway, and more -- all set up and configured through an innovative, browser-based GUI. For more information, contact us by email or visit where you can download an evaluation copy or order ZunoBox from one of our vendors.
Openmake is a GUI- and shell-based build manager that goes beyond beloved GNU make. Used at some of the world's largest companies for simple apps and complex multi-language/multi-OS applications, Openmake allows complete standardization and automation of the build process. Coupled with any version control tool (e.g. RCS), Openmake absolutely ensures matching source and executables. Submit your client build to Windows and your server build to FreeBSD at the same time (or AIX, HP, Sun, Sequent, OS/2). For more information, visit
Oracle Video Server
Netscape-compatible browsers, Java applets, Macromedia Director or Authorware, Asymetrix IconAuthor, or user-written applications. Integration with the Oracle8 database (optional) allows for a complete, enterprise-wide information management solution. The FreeBSD (NCOS) version is completely compatible with versions for other platforms.
OSATech, Inc.
OSATech, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based corporation. We specialize in e-commerce software development, using Perl, C++ and Java. We perform all of our project management activities from the US, whereas our development activities are performed in our offshore center in India. Using this approach, we are able to provide quality service at a low cost. Please contact us at or at 617-306-6578. Please refer to for more information.
PACT Port Accounting and Collection Tool - is a set of programs and PHP-scripts that allows for complete accounting of SNMP-queryable ports, and includes detailed overview of ports and their bandwidth usage. Multiple ports can be assigned to single customers. Free for non-commercial use.
Parabase Technology Inc.
Parabase Technology Inc. offers the Parabase Web-Order-System, an integrated set of web-based business applications that incorporate web-based order entry, catalog generation, shopping cart, and administration. It automatically calculates shipping and handling charges and sales tax [depending on location] and has a full invoice preview and email order confirmation. The system currently interfaces to QuickBooks and Excel; other accounting packages are available on request. The system is based on a highly reliable journalizing database concept. Additional information is available at
Perforce Software
Perforce Software produces PERFORCE -- the FAST Software Configuration Management System. Perforce SCM streamlines the software development process for organizations working with multiple operating systems and in multiple physical locations. This high-powered SCM system runs on more than 50 operating systems including Windows, and nearly every UNIX variation, from Linux to Mac OS X to AS/400, providing software developers with an easy-to-use tool for version control, workspace management and atomic change transactions. Free, fully functional evaluation versions are available from the Perforce Web site. Organizations developing software that is licensed or otherwise distributed exclusively under an Open Source license may be eligible to obtain Perforce licenses gratis. Perforce Software can be reached at or +1-510-864-7400.
Polyhedra is a main-memory, object-relational database that is ideally suited for mission-critical applications requiring event-driven, real-time responses to data changes, complex database designs, distributed applications, and fault tolerance for high availability and continuous operation.

The Object-relational database can contain objects that handle IP-based protocols, with object methods running in the database process itself and accessible to other objects/information stored in the database. Our own web site,, provides an example of Polyhedra, acting as both the web server and the information store, including free downloads available for trying Polyhedra on FreeBSD in Linux mode.

PolyServe is a vendor of Understudy, a high-availability webserver monitoring and failover utility for FreeBSD. Understudy resides on two or more webservers and monitors the health and responsiveness of websites. In the event that Understudy detects a failure, it fails-over requests for the failed website to a backup server. Thus, people browsing the website see no interruption or delay; from their standpoint the website keeps right on working.

Understudy monitors IP services including HTTP, SMTP, TCP and FTP. Upon detection of a failure, Understudy removes the failed server from the cluster and fails-over to the secondary backup host. Understudy then generates a network-administrator notification via email and/or page so that whatever problem caused the failover can be remedied.

For more information, visit

RealNetworks, Inc.
RealNetworks, Inc. offers its RealPlayer, RealServer, and RealEncoder software for FreeBSD. The FREE RealPlayer allows you to play live and on-demand audio over 14.4Kbps and faster connections. All you have to do is click on a RealAudio link from your Web browser and audio begins playing instantly. Check out The RealMedia Guide to access thousands of sites, offering music, news, live radio stations, live events, etc. The RealServer allows your web site to deliver live and on-demand audio, video, and animation over the Internet or your company network. A FREE version of the RealServer, called the Basic Server, is available.
REBOL is a new, network-based messaging language that increases productivity, cuts application size, and reduces application time-to-market. The language is human-centric, instead of computer-centric, and offers a new alternative to anachronistic programming languages like Java and C++ and scripting languages like PERL and Tcl. REBOL is compact, platform independent, and functions over a network or on a single system. It is ideally suited for webmasters, technicians, hobbyists, educators, experimenters, and any one who requires a simple, customizable, robust, easy-to-understand language. Download The Language of the Free(tm) now at
Relex US, Inc.
Relex US, Inc. present:
  • RDBMS Linter(tm) SQL has a client-server architecture and supports SQL-92, ODBC, and JDBC interfaces. User access is available through PHP, Perl, TCL/TK, and a C/C++ language call interface.Linter includes search engine and replication server capabilities, is well designed for embedded systems, and is currently ported to more than 20 operating systems.
  • Our Ticket Tracking System is suitable for resolving problems ranging from software bugs to consumer product complaints.
  • Nevod is a system for data warehousing & mining.
  • Lakuna is a program for rapid database application development.
Revolution is a multi-platform software development tool that enables developers to easily and quickly create powerful applications for OS X, classic Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and popular Unix systems (including FreeBSD)... with native look and feel on all platforms. For more information or to download a free 30-day trial evaluation edition, visit
RTD provides UTA, an ISP billing package for FreeBSD-based ISPs.
S3 Smart Security Solutions
s3 smart security solutions offers FreeBSD based anti-spam and -virus email gateway appliances. For these appliances FreeBSD as reliable foundation is complemented by SpamAssassin and ClamAV to obtain the best spam- and virus-protection available in the Open Source area. A simple web-frontend allows for plug and play of the appliance and guarantees ease of use for long-term deployment. Available versions span from mid-size to high performance versions which can be extended with clustering capabilities for high availability of your email system. For more information, please visit our web site or send e-mail to
We manufacture software Tools for use in the distribution industry. The Tools automate a business in performing the traditional functions of Order Entry, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, and Inventory Control. This automation is provided using open source software operating over an intranet (LAN) and/or the Internet (WAN).
Sane Solutions, LLC
Sane Solutions, LLC offers NetTracker, one of the most powerful, yet easy to use Internet usage tracking programs on the market today. NetTracker allows marketing professionals, webmasters, and ISPs to get the essential information they need to make informed decisions regarding their web sites. A demonstration of NetTracker can be seen at and a FREE, 30-day evaluation copy can be downloaded from
Sendmail Inc
Sendmail Inc. develop the commercial (Sendmail Pro) and free versions of sendmail, the ubiquitous mail transport agent. It supports FreeBSD, as well as many other Unix implementations.
Serengeti Systems
Serengeti Systems provides PC to mainframe communication packages over Bisync and SDLC lines. We support FreeBSD, as well as DOS, Windows, SCO, AIX, and OS/2. For more information, please visit our web site, e-mail us at, or call +1.800.634.3122.
SiamScan.NET, a Bangkok based company offers commercial web application software, CPA - Collaborative Portable Accounting. CPA is web accounting software designed to be easy enough for non accountants to use. Also, we offer service on maintenance and implementation of FreeBSD systems. For more information, email, visit SiamScan.NET Website, call +66 2532 9068-70, or fax +66 2533 4167.
Sippy Software, Inc.
Sippy Software, Inc. is a VoIP solutions company. We enable Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP's) and the operators of voice networks to quickly and efficiently implement, manage, and deliver a wide range of IP telephony services. Our flagship product Sippy Softswitch is a carrier-grade SIP session controller and rating/billing solution as well as an extremely flexible customer management platform that enables the providers of IP Telephony services to launch, price, and provision an array of VoIP services. For further information, please see We use FreeBSD as a platform for running our software on and actively support it along with several other free software projects, such as SER and Sippy B2BUA, by contributing back our fixes and enhancements.
Sleepycat Software
Sleepycat Software distributes Berkeley DB, an embeddable database system with full source. Berkeley DB runs on a wide variety of Unix systems and on Windows 95 and NT. It offers high-end data management services, including full transaction support, disaster recovery, hot backup, very large databases, and the ability to handle large numbers of users concurrently. Keys and records can be arbitrarily long, and of arbitrary data types. Berkeley DB can store data in B+trees, hash tables, or sequential stores. The programmatic interfaces are simple, and can be called from C, C++, Java, or Perl. Berkeley DB is easy to install and manage, so your customers can use your application without learning how to be database administrators. For more information, please visit or send us email at
SlickEdit develops and markets Visual SlickEdit, a programmer's editor that allows developers to increase their productivity. Visual SlickEdit v6.0 for FreeBSD allows developers to streamline workflow, simplify processes, manage large files, and reduce keystrokes. Developers can customize Visual SlickEdit, based on individual preferences and preferred coding styles. Visit for more information or to download a demo.
SoftIntegration, Inc.
Ch is an embeddable C/C++ interpreter for cross-platform scripting, 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing, shell programming and embedded scripting. Ch supports the ISO 1990 C Standard (C90), major features in C99 (complex numbers, variable lenght arrays or VLAs, type generic functions, long data type, etc), and C++ class. Ch has extensions to C language with built-in string type etc for easy scripting. Ch also has extensions with computational array for easy numerical computing and 2D/3D plotting. In addition to Ch, we also have a free C CGI toolkit which is similar to ASP and JSP for web development.
SoftMaker Software GmbH
TextMaker is the fast, efficient Microsoft Word-compatible word processor for FreeBSD. It provides all the features of a modern high-end word processor, reads and writes Microsoft Word documents seamlessly, and is available on multiple platforms (FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs). Free trial available.
Software2Go, LLC
Software2Go, LLC is proud to announce the availability of Motif 2.1.10 for FreeBSD versions 2.2.x (a.out) and 3.0 (ELF). Motif 2.1.10, Development Edition, is available for immediate purchase and download from Native ports to other Free UNIX's are also available.
Solid Information Technology Ltd
Solid Information Technology Ltd is the maker of a unique data management product, SOLID Server. It is designed for robust operation in demanding environments. Its small size and ease-of-use make it ideal for deployment to web sites, various embedded systems, and other environments where databases need to operate unattended. Free evaluation copies maybe downloaded from here.
Sophos Anti-Virus
Sophos Plc offers Sophos Anti-Virus for FreeBSD. Sophos Anti-Virus is a unique solution to the virus problem, providing true cross-platform protection in a single, fully integrated product. The network-centric design provides a host of benefits for the protection of servers, workstations, and portables. Sophos's ground-breaking architecture maximizes protection, while minimizing performance and administrative overheads. Sophos Anti-Virus is fully scalable, equally at home protecting a single PC, a local network, or the entire enterprise. Sophos Anti-Virus is available for all popular desktop and network operating systems, including DOS, Windows 3.x/95/98/NT/2000, Unix (including FreeBSD), OS/2, Netware, and OpenVMS. Sophos Anti-Virus monitors all virus entry points, including disks, programs, documents, network drives, CD-ROMs, Internet downloads, email attachments, and compressed files. Over 65 per cent of The Times Top 100 Companies use Sophos Anti-Virus to protect their networks from viruses. This endorsement of Sophos Anti-Virus protection is shared around the world. FREE evaluation copies may be downloaded.
Specilized Technologies
We specialize in security (firewalls, VPNs, security audits, intrusion detection systems, etc.), handles installation and configuration, systems integration, performance tuning, disaster recovery, network architecture and programming under FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux and many other commercial UNIX systems. Based in central Kentucky. For additional information e-mail us at
Stalker Software, Inc.
Stalker Software, Inc. offers CommuniGate Pro, The Internet Messaging Server. Based on the Stalker Foundation framework, it employs the native services of all major operating systems, including FreeBSD, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Apple Rhapsody, Linux, Solaris, and others. The CommuniGate Pro server takes full advantage of modern multi-threaded and multi-processor environments, and includes anti-spam protection, administration via the Web, extensive multi-domain support, dial-up capabilities, unique IMAP multi-mailbox features and designed to provide access to hundreds of thousands of accounts, and to relay mail on the most heavily loaded sites. Download the FREE Trial version from or e-mail Stalker Software Sales.
StarQuest Ventures
StarQuest Ventures provides connectivity products that allow Windows, UNIX, and Java applications to access IBM host resources on mainframe and midrange systems. StarQuest offers StarSQL (an ODBC-compliant driver for connectivity to IBM's DB2 relational databases) and StarSQL for Java (a type 4 JDBC-compliant driver for DB2 access) for use with FreeBSD. These drivers implement native DRDA protocol over direct TCP/IP connections to a wide range of IBM DB2 platforms with no additional host software required. They include support for LOB (large object) data, encrypted passwords, connection pooling, and global Two-Phase Commit (2PC) transactions. Please visit for additional information or a trial version.
Supportex.Net is an outsourced server administration company, based in Moscow, Russia. Offers a tailored FreeBSD configuration, optimization and tuning services.
Coverity provides the SWAT platform for compile time defect detection. Coverity's products allow developers to detect a broad class of disastrous run-time failures at compile time, including buffer overruns, memory leaks, memory corruption, NULL pointer dereferences and more. SWAT analyzes C and C++ source code with 0 Makefile changes and 0 source code changes. The SWAT tool is available for both the production 4.X FreeBSD kernels and the development 5.X kernel.
Tonec, Inc.
Tonec, Inc. provides award-winning products and solutions for web development, Java applets, and Perl modules. Tonec is a developer of Adgen - a BMP to PFR dynamic font converter for Linux and FreeBSD. In addition, Tonec provides custom programming, cost-effective offshore software development, web design, and custom ASP and Java development services in its development centers located in Russia, Poland, and Latvia. Visit our site for more information.
TrackSite, Websolutions Software
TrackSite is real-time, private, invisible, automated, comprehensive visitor tracking and traffic analytics system for websites. Features include: real-time reporting, comprehensive analytics with 57 reports, downloads & robots, referrals, searchwords, conversion rates & visitors segmentation, webserver & bandwidth stats, automated install & use, cross-platform, multi-host, multi-user, data security, very compact database, easy ISP switching, scalability, flexible deployment, free edition. For more information visit
Vector Systems Limited
Vector Systems Limited sells FreeBSD conversions for the HP Network Scanjet5, Custom CD-ROMs, & MED Screen Editor (popular with German CAD users of PCS Cadmus).
Vembu StoreGrid
Vembu StoreGrid is an extremely flexible Desktop Backup Software. StoreGrid's innovative, trusted intranet peer-to-peer backup solution helps backup desktop and laptop data with no need for additional storage hardware. With backup servers, StoreGrid can also be deployed for conventional client-server and remote backup purposes. StoreGrid works on FreeBSD, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Check out for a free trial download of Vembu StoreGrid Desktop Backup Software.
Vital, Inc.
Vital, Inc. is the maker of the CRiSP visual text editor. CRiSP is a development tool for FreeBSD and most other Windows, UNIX, and Linux platforms. CRiSP is 100% BRIEF-compatible and also emulates other popular editors such as vi, emacs, EDT, CUA, and Wordstar. This makes CRiSP a very powerful yet easy-to-use editing package with features like cut & paste, syntax coloring, code beautifying, code folding, searching, and much more.
Web Crossing
Web Crossing, by Lundeen & Associates, is a conferencing server for the intranet/extranet and World Wide Web providing discussion forums and chat rooms. Web Crossing is a groupware application server, accessible with any Web browser, via most Web servers. It makes communication more efficient and productive than newsgroups or email mailing lists. Contact L & A at, +1.510.521.5855 (Voice), or +1.510.522.6647 (Fax).
Matador Design produces WebEvent, a web-based calendar and scheduling solution that is available for FreeBSD-based web servers. It is a perfect addition to any Internet or Intranet web site that needs to display event information, manage schedules, rooms, or other resources. is a small and thriving web development firm specializing in e-commerce integration for small and medium sized businesses. Our proprietary E-Cart commerce package supports extraordinarily usable shopping cart services with backend product list management, order processing, executive summary reports, customer review processing, and inventory projections. See for more information.
WisdomForce Technologies, Inc.
WisdomForce Technologies delivers software products that help data-intensive businesses and governmental entities to improve the quality, availability and continuity of the data within their IT systems, leading to better business decision-making, increased productivity, and an improved bottom line. WisdomForce's products focused on the real-time database data movement and data integration market. WisdomForce is offering solutions for real-time moving data across heterogeneous systems. WisdomForce is providing customers with software infrastructure for data replication, extract, capture, transformation, movement and management of data from one/many database to one/many database. WisdomForce FastReader for Oracle data transfer is capable to extract data from large production tables into flate files on average rate 100,000 rows per second.
X-Designer from Imperial Software Technology is an advanced GUI Builder for FreeBSD. X-Designer makes it easy to build and test graphical user interfaces. Use X-Designer to quickly create a working X/Motif, Windows, or Java GUI from a single design. Includes automated GUI testing and technology to re-engineer legacy Motif interfaces with XD/Capture. Visit our web site for more information or send an e-mail to offers commercial web-acceleration software for FreeBSD. JPEG Disk Optimizer is designed to run on a web server and either run in the background to compress all JPG images on a disk or to compress them as they arrive. Users have reported a 40% saving in file size and corresponding savings in bandwidth, disk space, and server load, all of which contributes to faster web sites. For more information, email, visit the website, or call +44 1752 872181.
XGForce.COM announces eCluster(tm) software. New Internet Clustering Technology is designed to cluster Intranet/Internet Servers into virtual groups, where server load balancing and fail safe is made possible.
Xi Graphics
Xi Graphics offers commercial-grade graphical software enhancements for FreeBSD. AcceleratedX Server completely supports over 400 different graphics adapters from over 40 vendors, including many that are partially supported or not included with XFree86. Download a FREE demonstration copy from Also utilize Motif v2.0 runtime + development environment with AcceleratedX Motif and 3D graphics with AcceleratedX OpenGL. For more information, email or call +1.303.298.7478.
XVScan allows you to use your HP ScanJet scanner under FreeBSD. It is a commercial product based on John Bradley's xv.
YARD Software GmbH
YARD Software GmbH provides its relational ANSI-SQL database for FreeBSD systems. YARD-SQL is available on most UNIX systems and has interfaces for C, ODBC (MS Windows) and JDBC (Java). A Private Edition for private, non-commercial use can be downloaded from
Zeus Technology Limited
Zeus Technology Limited offers Zeus Server for FreeBSD. Zeus Server is an advanced, powerful, full-featured, commercial grade web server designed with exceptional performance, minimal machine resource requirements, and ease of administration in mind. FREE evaluation copies may be downloaded.