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Commercial Vendors

The power, flexibility, and reliability of FreeBSD attract a wide variety of users and vendors. Here you will find vendors offering commercial products and/or services for FreeBSD.

For your convenience, we have divided our growing commercial listing into several sections. If your company supports a FreeBSD-compatible product or service that should be added to this page, please fill out a problem report for category www. Submissions should be in HTML and a medium-sized paragraph in length.

Consulting Services

This file has been divided into sub-categories for your convenience. The following shortcuts will take you to the proper gallery entries.

757 Technologies
757 Technologies offer installation and integration of FreeBSD, as well as FreeBSD co-location and maintenance. Serving the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Please contact us at for more information. We can also be reached by telephone at (757) 233-9460.
Aaronsen Group, Ltd
Aaronsen Group, Ltd. advises on and implements a wide range of internetworking technologies, including remote access, wide area networks, international telecommunications, Intranetworking, web applications and local area services. Many of our custom web-enabled solutions are engineered using FreeBSD, Apache, mod_perl, and MySQL/Oracle. Please email us at Our web site is at and we can be reached via telephone at +1.412.391.6000.
Achean is a consultancy dedicated to helping our customers achieve better use of organisational information and real cost savings through the use of open source software. The Achean Framework explains our holistic approach to implementing solutions. We work with several open source operating systems, and many desktop and server based applicati ons. Where necessary, we can provide custom built servers, workstations and diskless clients. We also provide support and training services for our customers. Based in the UK, Achean can be contacted through our contact page. If you are looking for a new job, please take a look at our careers section.
ActivSupport, Inc.
ActivSupport is a network consulting firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in cross-platform environment support including FreeBSD. ActivSupport also provides network security, and business continuity consulting. Whether you are looking for a certified consultant or specific technical support solutions please contact us at 1-877.228.4863 for immediate assistance with your technical needs, or visit our web site for more information about services we are providing.
Adimus GmbH & Co. KG
Adimus GmbH & Co. KG is a company based in Bochum, Germany. As a consulting partner we provide services in system administration for all flavors of Unix and Microsoft Windows, design and maintenance of LANs and WANs, IT security auditing and database management. Solutions for intra- and internet servers as well as our firewall toolkit are based on FreeBSD and third-party products from Compaq, Peacock, Cisco and Ascend. For more information please contact or visit our website.
Advance Systems Group
Advance Systems Group builds, administrates, and maintains Intranet/Internet networks using FreeBSD and other UNIX operating systems. ASG also provides a variety of other services including domain name hosting, web site construction, and software training. For more information, please phone us at +1.317.507.4229, e-mail, or visit our web site.
Ajit Anand
Consulting in the areas of Internet security and data defense mainly with open source software. Particular knowledge of firewalls, internet applications, Mail, Proxy Servers, IDS and network administration. Have developed a range of routers/appliances based on Linux/BSD.
Andras Kende
Andras Kende is providing configuration, installation and system maintenance of FreeBSD hosted Internet or Intranet services and applications for clients throughout Dallas, Texas. For more information, please send e-mail to, or visit our web site.
ANURIX Servicios Informaticos
Anurix provides IT solutions based on Free Software in Valencia, Spain. We do support BSD Systems as part of our consulting services, which include (but are not limited to): security audits, corporative networks, internet communications, web software, etc. Contact us via email at or by phone by calling at +34 963 35 43 67.
Artisan Computer Services LLC
Artisan Computer Services LLC is based in Tucson, Arizona. We provide system administration and configuration for web, mail, DNS, database, and streaming video servers using FreeBSD. We also do computer consulting on a variety of platforms (Mac OS X, Windows, *BSD, Linux), with an emphasis on integration and security. You can reach us at, or our website,
ASG Technologies
ASG Technologies' Professional Services division offers network security management products and services. Staffed by experienced information technology and systems professionals, ASG Professional Services has in-depth experience in network systems design, integration and management across diverse computing platforms. For more information, please phone us at +1.506.460.5400, e-mail m, or visit our web site and follow the Professional Services Links.
AspenWorks, Ltd.
AspenWorks is an Aspen, Colorado based consulting company with offices in Portland, OR. We specialize in network applications, and Wireless Broadband management for ISPs and WISPs. AspenWorks has been in business since 1986. Telephone: 970-925-3355
AYN & Associates
AYN & Associates, based in Austin, TX, is a software and internet consulting company specializing in FreeBSD. We provide a full range of services including setting up FreeBSD servers, LAN setups, setting up internet services such as mail and news servers, proxies, web servers. We also provide custom programming solutions in most operating systems.
B.M.K. Industries
B.M.K. Industries is located in Melbourne Australia and specializes in setting up low cost routers and servers (Web, E-Mail, FTP, DNS and Secure Web Servers ) all using FreeBSD. Setting up Permanent Modem & ISDN Internet Connections is also a specialty. Please visit our web page.
BackWatcher, Inc.
BackWatcher, Inc., while specializing in security (firewalls, VPNs, security audits, intrusion detection systems, etc.), handles installation and configuration, systems integration, performance tuning, disaster recovery, network architecture and programming on FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux and many commercial UNIX systems. For additional information, visit our website at, email or call 813-979-1633.
Bellamy Consulting Ltd
Bellamy Consulting Ltd, based in Auckland, New Zealand, is a consulting company specializing in Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD. Our main focus is on Internet servers (Web Servers & Caches, Email, DNS, FTP, Databases, etc.), software and security (Firewalls, VPNs, Proxies). See our web site for more information, or contact us directly at
Bilch International Consulting
Bilch International Consulting, Hamburg is based in Germany. We are building fire walled servers and connect them to your ISDN, POTS, ATM or E1/T1 Line. BILCH Com is an ASP and application software developer. Please mail us at
BITNETS Inc. specializes in BIND, Apache, Postfix, Courier-IMAP and a variety of server components running on FreeBSD with emphasis on security and stability. Services include consulting on server evaluation, installation and configuration and FreeBSD-based managed secure e-mail hosting. BITNETS sells commercial mail servers, retail boxed computer peripherals and platform-independent network appliances at discounted prices. We are located at City Plaza in St. Albert, serving the Edmonton area of Alberta, Canada. Call us at +1 (780) 418-5151, toll-free in North America at 1-877-BITNETS (1-877-248-6387) for general enquiries or 1-877-NETGURU (1-877-638-4878) for tech support, or e-mail us. Winners of the chamber of commerce InfoTech Award of Distinction.
Black Hat Networks
Black Hat Networks offers premium IT consulting and FreeBSD based hosting services for the sophisticated customer: administration, management, web hosting, web design, FreeBSD shells, nationwide Internet access, co-location, programming, hardware and computers, data warehousing and more, all with the emphasis on security. Because We believe that security is not a convenience, it is a necessity.
Black Point Arts Internet Solutions GmbH
Black Point Arts Internet Solutions GmbH is located in Germany (Frankfurt/Main). We have experiences with FreeBSD, Linux and Windows Servers. Our business activities include hosting/homing, programming and webdesign. We develop solutions for your intra-, extra- and internet needs. For more informations you can visit our website or write an email to
Brain Alliance Solutions Oy / Ltd
Brain Alliance Solutions Oy / Ltd is located in Espoo, Finland. We offer professional FreeBSD installation, support, consulting and server solutions. For more information, please visit our website at
Brevik, Peter
Brevik, Peter Provides custom programming in C, Pascal, Sh/Csh, Perl, X-window, Assembler. Digital electronics construction. HTML documentation. Network and internet protocols applications. Specific application experience in RDS, Teletext, I2C, ISO9660. For enquiries email or have a look at the website.
Brian Somers
Brian Somers has over 10 years in UNIX, Networks, C & C++. Brian is responsible for the PPP code in FreeBSD, and located in NW London. You can reach him via email at
BSD Consulting
BSD Consulting provides consulting services related to Internet servers/infrastructure, programming, FreeBSD & BSD operating systems, security auditing/firewalls, system administration, etc. Based in Oslo, Norway.
BSD Dedicated Server Hosting
ServePath offers the latest version of FreeBSD on any of our dedicated servers. All ServePath FreeBSD dedicated servers come with root access to install additional UNIX applications and allow you to customize your FreeBSD dedicated server to fit your needs.
BSD Professionals In Europe (BSDPIE)
We are BSD based co-operating consultants offering Consultancy, Support, Development, Installation and Internet Services located in Munich, Germany.
Camtech Pty Ltd
Camtech Pty Ltd The Consulting Services Division of Camtech provides a broad range of technical and professional services to assist businesses to achieve higher levels of productivity through efficient use of Information Technology. Services available encompass all aspects of information systems scoping and analysis, design, implementation, integration, administration, testing, training and maintenance. Camtech is a provider of FreeBSD-based solutions, including Internet gateway servers, firewalls, and Intranet servers. Phone +61 8 8303 3300.
catpipe Systems
catpipe Systems ApS provide managed services and support contracts for FreeBSD implemented on rackmountable servers preloaded with FreeBSD.
Ceintec provides FreeBSD and unix-like operating systems learning courses in Spain (Instructor-Led courses). We also provide FreeBSD consulting and technical support for enterprises in Spain. For more information visit
China Internet Service
China Internet Services is a China Internet Email and Webhosting provider offering UNIX shell accounts, web hosting, mailman and ezmlm, pop3, imap, webmail (squirrelmail), mysql, php, fastcgi and mod_perl hosting on FreeBSD servers in Nanjing. Phone: 0086-25-84527765.
Cidreira - Sistemas de Informaçao Lda.
Cidreira - Sistemas de Informaçao Lda. is located in Lisbon, Portugal We provide consulting services for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux and Windows systems, namely in security, interoperability and intra-network normalization of services. We're specialized in small to medium sized networks. For more information contact us at or phone to +351 21 392 89 75.
Citecs GmbH
citecs GmbH consultant for security, networking, UNIX and much more...
Clue Computing, Inc.
Clue Computing, Inc. has over 10 years of UNIX experience, specializing in system administration, networking, and security. Custom application development and testing available, including device drivers, kernel work, etc. We offer sales, assembly, and installation of FreeBSD systems for any application. For more information, email
Codeangels Solutions
Codeangels Solutions GmbH based in Switzerland, region Zuerich. Offers its customers a range of IT Security, Network and UNIX Services. We utilize and support FreeBSD in our services and solutions.
CodeGen Inc.
CodeGen, Inc. provide consulting and programming services, specializing in embedded systems. For more information, email
Collective Technologies
Collective Technologies is the recognized leader in systems management services for distributed enterprise computing environments. Collective Technologies highly skilled consultants combine technical expertise with solid business sense to develop world-class IT solutions. Collective Technologies specializes in keeping complex computer systems running reliably offering a full range of support services including UNIX, NT, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD to address the needs of a client.s systems management lifecycle. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with 19 offices nationwide. For more information, visit our website or e-mail us at
Collins Systems Solutions Inc.
Collins Systems Solutions Inc. is a Toronto, Ontario Canada based consulting firm specializing in the design, implementation, and support of all things UNIX including Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, all major Linux distributions, and Microsoft Windows operating environments. Collins Systems has specialized skills in system administration, security, network design, system integration, network/server/application management and service monitoring. Remote administration is the key to providing our customers all over the world with the most efficient and effective service. For more information, email us at
Computer Mavericks
Computer Mavericks is a full-spectrum UNIX consulting company, since 1987, serving the entire Texas Panhandle from our office in Canyon, Texas. We feature FreeBSD as our operating system of choice. We can provide you with a complete enterprise solution tailored to your needs. We do hardware, software solutions, web development, firewalls, security, and more. We convert the world to FreeBSD, one happy client at a time! Email Lee Crites or call 806-655-2250 and discover what it is like to be a satisfied client.
Connections USA
Connections, USA is a FreeBSD-based Internet Service provider. We provide hosting and co-location services and web site development. Other FreeBSD-based services are available as well, including system and network administration as well as consulting. Check out our corporate Web page and
Core Digital
Core Digital is based in Perth, Western Australia. We are a consulting company specializing in OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux and Windows. We work with firewalls, Virtual Private Networks, Database Servers, Email and Web Servers, Security, WAN/LAN implementations, Multi OS networks. For more information please contact or visit our website.
Crepido Systems AB
Crepido Systems AB provides services for custom software development and system design under BSD and other Unixes. We have 10+ years experience in Unix programming and system design using Unix as building block. Crepido System AB operates mainly in Sweden but requests outside Sweden are welcome.
CTS Consulting and Trade Service
CTS Consulting & Trade Service is a full service Consultant and Supplier for pre-installed FreeBSD Servers. We ship Firewalls, Internet Gateways, Mail Systems with virus protection, realtime http scanner, File and Print Servers. Network planning and implementation of WANS with IPSEC tunneling, Samba and Hylafax installations. Founded in 1985 with Unix and Mainframe experience since 1978. We are based in Salzburg and Vienna, Austria and have customer references throughout Europe and Eastern Europe ranging from 5 to 60000 Users. We are also shipping pre-installed Asterisk Telephone Systems and have best the references with it.
CyberSecure Pty Ltd
CyberSecure specialises in offsite data backup, managed firewalls and BSD consulting with an emphasis on quality and security.
Cybersource Pty. Ltd
Cybersource is Australia's leading IT Professional Services Company in the areas of Unix/FreeBSD/Linux, TCP/IP Datanetworking and Open Platform application development using these technologies. With around 40 staff, are based in Melbourne and have been successfully providing IT Professional Services for 10 years.
Daemonized Networking Services
Daemonized Networking Services. Our staff have been supporting software and hardware development, brokerages, banks, hospitals, publishers, e-commerce, legal and medical research, telecommunications, and other environments since 1986, in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. We build industrial strength web servers, running the latest release of Apache, OpenSSH, and OpenSSL, with all source, and firewall, based on FreeBSD, in less than one hour.
DaemonWare offers UNIX consulting, system administration, network solution, programming and security; with several UNIX systems: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux and others. We have over 5 years of UNIX and networking experience and programming experience. Specialized for Internet services. For further information, please visit ower web site or email us at
Built on a rock-solid network and immediate live customer support, DataPipe is a trusted hosting company providing secure managed solutions. Our specialized teams of passionate professionals take a personal interest in each client's unique needs, enabling businesses to outsource with confidence. With world-class facilities strategically located in the New York Metropolitan & Silicon Valley areas, Hong Kong and London, UK, DataPipe offers custom FreeBSD solutions and expert FreeBSD support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Deftek is a family-owned information technology service firm based in the United States. We specialize in building solutions that minimize total cost of ownership and maximize return on investment. We offer support and development services for both new and existing information systems. We work with management and staff to build the most effective solutions for ever-changing business needs. With extensive experience in the information technology industry, Deftek brings high-quality technical expertise at competitive rates.
DeLorentz & Partners
DeLorentz & Partners is a consulting firm based in Hilversum in the Netherlands. We offer various types of consulting and support on FreeBSD. Info at or phone us at Tel: +31 (0)35 - 624 44 66.
Dextra Soluções em Informática
Dextra Soluções em Informática. Specialized consulting in TCP/IP networks, capacity and contingency planning, UNIX systems and network administration, system security and firewalls, VPNs implementation, Internet/Intranets projects. For more information, please phone us at + (Brazil), e-mail, or visit our web site (in Portuguese).
Dickerson Computer Services
Located in western Washington State, Dickerson Computer Services offers desktop systems and light servers preloaded with FreeBSD. One of our emphases is that of setting up FreeBSD on the desktop. We also use FreeBSD as the basis for dedicated units, such as LAN to dial-up gateway and light intranet servers for small offices.
Die Webmaster Gmbh
Die Webmaster Gmbh - We are a consulting company from Linz, Austria and offer a wide range of FreeBSD based services: FreeBSD installation, integration, troubleshooting, maintenance, FreeBSD based hosting (for example jail servers), serverhousing, hardware selection, configuration and support. e-mail:
DigiNex.Net Technologies offers Unix/Linux consulting services to companies and individuals in the Ottawa, Canada region, at the best price possible.
We provide open source solutions for the small companies in Wroclaw, Poland. We are specialized in servers (*BSD, Linux).
EDEN-FX is a company which develops high class technology. Founded in 1999, we are working with a team of highly qualifed professionals specializing in hard and software engineering. We have broad experience with the FreeBSD operating system. EDEN-FX solutions manufactures firewalls, wireless engineering and develops network technologies.
EDI Ltd Consulting Engineers
EDI Ltd Consulting Engineers. We provide consulting services for FreeBSD as well as local and wide area network design. Our diversified staff allows us to help you in all the areas your project requires, from cabling to encryption, network security audits, network design and network health studies. We have successfully completed several FreeBSD installations for mission critical operations, using it as a firewall, web server or mail server. If you would like to discuss your project with us, please contact us as (770) 956-7000, or
Envescent, LLC
Envescent is a leading provider of technology products and services focused on FreeBSD. We offer consulting, pre-installed workstations and servers, compatible hardware, outsourced system and network administration and implementation, security auditing, technical support and much more.
Essenz Consulting
Essenz Consulting is a web services and products provider. We offer custom built High-Performance Intel based Workstations and Servers. These systems are 100% FreeBSD compatible. Our systems feature Ultra2-LVD SCSI, high speed networking, Dual Pentium III and Dual Pentium III XEON processors, and many other fault tolerant and backup features. For more information contact or visit us at
Ethon Technologies GmbH
Ethon Technologies GmbH -- located in Munich, Germany -- has a strong focus on BSD driven solutions. We offer professional consulting services as well as BSD based telecommunication systems, ranging from basic PBX to telco solutions up to 10.000.000 users. Feel free to contact us at or drop us a voicemail: +49.89.255456.0
Falcon Knight, Inc.
Falcon Knight, Inc. provides FreeBSD installation, configuration, and support from the simple to the advanced. Falcon Knight performs large scale, load-balanced infrastructure planning and implementations, complete with application servers and clustered databases, all powered by FreeBSD. If your environment simply has to be up 24x7 and you have high usage demands, call Falcon Knight now at 877-625-9000 or email
Far North Networks
Far North Networks, Based in Innisfail, North Queensland (About 100Km South of Cairns). Focus is on business network support providing low cost file/print servers based on FreeBSD. We also specialize in setting up internet gateways/firewalls. For more information send us an email to
FirmbIT is a high quality server management and security company providing friendly reliable support specializing in high security installations and scaleable solutions with support for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Redhat, Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Slackware, Gentoo, SuSe, Mandrake and Sun Solaris servers.
Spanish company focused on providing solutions and services based on FLOSS software and operating systems with FreeBSD, OpenBSD and GNU/Linux. We offer customers and partners our solutions and services (consultance, development, migrations, virtualization, support). For more information contact us at or visit our web site .
Forgotten Technologies
Forgotten Technologies, is a Singapore-based company providing open source business solutions that include, but not limited to platforms such as Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Please email us at to find out more how we can help you in your business!
Fortuitous Technologies
Fortuitous Technologies provides Capacity Planning, Performance Tuning, and consulting services for FreeBSD, Linux, and Unix systems worldwide. We cover Cluster, Grid, and Multi-tiered systems of all types. Contact Fortuitous here or by telephone at (512) 351-7783.
Frigate Networks
frigate networks provides network troubleshooting, system administration, kernel development and ports of BSD software to commercial products such as routers and firewalls. Our Email, DNS, and WWW servers run FreeBSD. We also provide network management solutions based on HTTP and tcl. For more information please visit our web site, call us at +1.650.903.2266, or send email to>.
FSC Internet
FSC Internet is Canada's largest FreeBSD consulting firm. FSC's clients include numerous top-tier corporations (e.g. Mazda, Heinz), as well as mid-sized companies (e.g. the Vermont Telephone Company) and the public sector. FSC provides full consulting, implementation, support, and training services for all FreeBSD applications, including a special focus on security, high-performance Web applications, and Intranets. Please email us at or call us at +1.416.921.4280 for further information.
Consulting in the areas of Internet security and data defense mainly with open source software. Particular knowledge of firewalls, internet applications, Mail, Proxy Servers, IDS and network administration. Have developed a range of routers/appliances based on Linux/BSD. For more questions please visit our web site.
GNUnetworks is a System's consultancy group focused on free software. We provide FreeBSD and Linux servers for Internet / Intranet as well as embedded systems for firewalling and data processing.

Phone: +34-937340794
Greg Lehey
Greg Lehey has over 20 years industry experience in all system programming and systems administration disciplines, including device drivers, kernel debugging, compilers, libraries, performance analysis, and site planning. He is the author of The Vinum Volume Manager, a virtual disk driver which includes software RAID, and also the books Porting UNIX Software and The Complete FreeBSD. Contact him via Email, or visit his web site.
Group Kae
Group Kae is a not like any technology services company you may have worked with before. We constantly challenge the status quo to anticipate future needs and deliver innovative technology solutions to our clients. Our relationship with clients is a partnership - we bring our experience, best practices and tools to apply to clients unique requirements. We are based in Toronto, Canada and may be contacted via email or telephone at +1 (647) 723-6000.
Gurix Web Professionals
Gurix Web Professionals Web Development, design, and custom application programming using both open source and proprietary environments. Services also include private consulting, emergency response coordination and various IT solutions to maximize the effectiveness of your business.
Hamburgnet provides you with experience in FreeBSD and OpenBSD based projects. From low-end webservers to high-end firewall and database clusters. Storage, server, Unix, cluster & consulting. You can visit our website, mail us, phone us at +49 (40) 73672322 or contact us via fax at +49 (40) 73672321.
Heritage Network Technologies
We are a privately owned Technology Consulting Company based in Baltimore area. We provide support for Open Source Operating Systems and Software, as well as training for these. We target small to medium enterprises as well as educational institutions. We can be reached at 301-807-0784 or by email at
Herrin Software Development
Herrin Software Development, Inc., creator of Qddb, provides custom software development, internet consulting, general computer consulting, and training services. For more information email us at or visit our web site.
Ibermachines Sistemas
Ibermachines is a spanish-based company offering open source software solutions to small and medium size organizations. We install, configure and mantain servers and workstations mainly running FreeBSD and GNU/Linux. Also mail, web, intranet, fax, file and printing solutions are popular between our customers.
IKTech Dipl.-Ing. Gernot Schmied is a high-end systems integrator and UNIX competence center located in Vienna, Austria. We especially focus on telecommunications, networking and security aspects for NPO, corporate and Service Provider/Carrier customers. We use selected commercial products as well as FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Linux and Solaris and are the premier competence center with regards to advanced routing gateways. For inquiries please contact
ImproWare AG
ImproWare AG focuses on Internet and Networking Services as well as System Integration and Consulting based on FreeBSD. We offer contract programming in all major programming languages with a focus on FreeBSD, userland and kernel.
INFOMATIK Tecnologia e Desenvolvimento - Brazilian Company is offering total site support for FreeBSD Servers. We have high performance solutions for Intranet and Internet. We are specialized in UNIX systems since 92. Please visit our Interactive Website or contact us per e-mail:
Inform System Inc.
Inform System Inc. is a FreeBSD/Internet/DataBase consulting company. Located in Osaka Japan, we offer a wide range of services to school and small businesses. For further details, please visit our web site, or send email to
innominate AG
innominate AGis a Linux, *BSD and Open Source service provider based in Berlin, Germany. Not only as consulting partner but also as system administrator, programmer, supporter and trainer we offer the full range of services with a heavy focus on Open Source products. Many of our tailor-made products are engineered using apache, Perl, Zope, MySQL and Oracle running on Linux and *BSD. For further information please contact or visit our website.
InterACT is a Sweden based provider of Consultancy and Custom Development Services. Principal consultant Chris Lindbergh has over10 years system software development experience on BSD based platforms. Areas of expertise include Firewall and Networking System setup, custom development in C and C++, and supply of turnkey solutions. For further information, contact us by email at:, or phone Sweden on +46 (0)920-888 03
inTEXT Communications
inTEXT Communications was founded in 1994 as a Unix Management Provider. We support FreeBSD, BSDi, Solaris and other Unix variants. Services include co-location, tele-commuting, and on-site service anywhere in North America. We support Government and Industry as well as the private sector. Email or call us for more information (toll free within USA on 800.309.8996 or internationally on 604.484.2426).
Ironkeep Technologies L.L.C.
Ironkeep Technologies is a Traverse City based consulting firm, specializing in internet solutions, networks, vpns, software development, programming, web development, web design, application development, web hosting, consulting, and open source software including FreeBSD.
Ish Pty. Ltd.
Ish provides IT management, network security, FreeBSD and MacOS X system administration services in Sydney, Australia. We have designed and implemented BSD-based computer systems for a wide variety of commercial customers, and we're available to provide troubleshooting and advice for system administrators. As a developer of web sites, our Java/WebObjects-based services are all hosted on FreeBSD servers. Please call us for a chat on +612 9550 5001, e-mail us or visit our web site.
IT Infusion Inc.
IT Infusion Inc. is a consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta that has been serving clients in the US and Canada since 1998. We have expertise in FreeBSD, Linux, thin client implementations, Windows integration, Enterprise e-mail systems, PHP/MySQL web development, and the deployment of a wide range of Open Source software solutions. For more information, please visit our website or drop us an e-mail at
It Security Services
IT Security Services is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and serves the Twin Cities. We provide a complete line of security services, such as audits, secure servers, and new network installations with emphasis on security. We are highly skilled with FreeBSD, and can use it to run extremely fast and reliable servers using all popular services. You can reach us at, or our web site at
ITworks Consulting
ITworks Consulting is a privately owned information technology consultancy, situated in the central business district of Melbourne, Australia. The business consists of a specialized team of consultants who aim to provide information technology solutions to meet the needs of the business community. We provide a range of FreeBSD based web hosting, web database development and e-commerce services as well as professional FreeBSD consulting services and support contracts. For more information please visit our web site or contact us at
JCR Engenharia de Sistemas
JCR Engenharia has more than 10 years experience in developing FreeBSD solutions, like firewalls, Internet Servers, cluster solutions and more. We are located in Salvador, Brazil.
Jens Schweikhardt
Jens Schweikhardt, located near Stuttgart/Germany, is a FreeBSD committer with 20 years of Unix experience who won several national and international programming contests. If you have a problem that can be solved using the Unix toolbox (preferably C, perl, shell) he is the one to make it happen. With his background in Unix Standardization he will make sure your investment runs portably and efficiently on all the Unices you care for. Contact him via
John Polstra
John Polstra, of Polstra & Co., Inc., has been a UNIX developer since 1978, and was a FreeBSD Core Team member from 1997-2000. Developer of the CVSup network software update package and the ElfKit ELF tool set, his specialties include network protocols, language tools, UNIX internals, and UNIX applications. For more information, please send email to
Julian Stacey
Net services & systems engineering, UNIX since 1978, Maintains a FreeBSD Commercial Consultants Index (sorted geographically & by full & part timers). Be sure to visit his page!
KMJ Consulting Austria
KMJ Consulting Austria is a full service Consultant and Supplier for pre installed FreeBSD Servers as a replacement for Windows NT/2000 Servers. We ship Firewalls, Internet Gateways, File and Print Servers. Network planing and implementation of Wans with IPSEC tunneling, Mail Servers with IMAP/LDAP as an replacement for MS Exchange, Samba and Hylafax installations. Our newest pre installed System is a FreeBSD Workstation running on a P733 with 512MB Ram, Matrox G400 Dual VGA and 2 Monitors. If sometimes Windows is needed a Demo of Vmware is preinstalled to run Windows in a Window of the FreeBSD System. Founded 1985 with Unix and Mainframe experience since 1978. We are based in Salzburg and Vienna / Austria and operate mostly in the german language territory of the EC. For non-commercial information please visit FreeBSD.AT.
LANCO Global Systems
LANCO Global Systems (LGSL), based in India, Hyderabad, with offices in USA and UK, provides and specializes in Application Development, Shell Scripting, PHP, C, C++ and Perl Programming, Networking Solutions, Unix device driver development, Web page Designing and Hosting, Web Server Solutions and configurations, ISP Services especially on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. For more information, please email us at or call us at 0091-9849043975 or FAX us at 0091-040-3755413.
Libren deals with supporting FreeBSD and Linux systems. We are dedicated to offering solutions for desktop and server environments. We can help installing, configuring, system administration (Exim SMTP, Webhosting, DNS, Apache Webstats etc.) and migrations from windows platforms. We are based in Hungary, Pest Megye.
LifeBiscuit Technology
LifeBiscuit Technology is a Sydney based company providing technology consulting and outsourcing services for small businesses in Australia. We provide support for open source environments: FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD and NetBSD.
Linast-Systemtechnik GmbH
Linast-Systemtechnik GmbH is located in Sankt Augustin, Germany (near Bonn/Cologne) and provides consulting, support and training for FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS X and other Unix Systems. For more information, please call +49.2241.209467, e-mail us at or visit our website
Linux Network Care
Linux Network Care is based in Toronto, Ontario. Our company is specialized in providing Linux and FreeBSD based solutions for small, medium and corporate sized businesses. We provide ourselves on our delivery of dependable network solutions, world class server administration, tight server security and easy to understand Linux training. We also provide desktop integration with Ubuntu Linux.
Linux4biz is an independent provider of comprehensive Internet solutions, specialising in the Solaris, LINUX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD operating systems and Open Source Software. Linux4biz Consultants are able to advise on all aspects of implementing and administrating Unix/Linux servers, SAMBA solutions, E-mail servers, Mailing list servers, Web servers, DNS, Internet Security, Security Audits, Intrusion detection, Stress testing, Intranet setup, High Availability server solutions, Network solutions, Remote administration solutions. We also provide onsite as well as offsite support and consultancy. For more information about our services, please visit our website.
Lionra Support Services Ltd.
Lionra Support Services Ltd. provides IT solutions including tailored network infrastructure, custom-designed servers, remote administration and security audits. We have over 10 years experience in the IT sector, specializing in *BSD, GNU/Linux & Open Source software. Further information about Lionra Support Services Ltd. and the services we offer can be found at
LOGIOS NETWORK SYSTEMS, located in the Czech Republic, provides system maintenance, consulting and other services on various platforms, including FreeBSD and Linux. We also offer information security services, firewalls and IDS systems, system integration, software applications etc.
Lori Design
Lori Design, based in San Jose, Costa Rica offers Web Development, design, and custom application programming using both open source and proprietary environments. Services also include private consulting, emergency response coordination and various IT solutions to maximize the effectiveness of your business. Lori Design is a proud w3c member in Costa Rica.
Mark Tinguely
Mark Tinguely has provided Network and Unix solutions for over ten years. These solutions include work with Unix kernels and Unix applications, TCP/IP applications, Local Area Network protocol debugging, and BSD device drivers. Mark has authored BSD device drivers for 3 video capture boards, an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network card, and a Watchdog card.
MediaCenter, Umeæ, Sweden. Located in northern Sweden we offer professional consulting and programming for secure inter/intranet solutions using FreeBSD and UNIX(-like) operating systems. We also work high performance database programming, primarily using PostgreSQL. For more information, please send email to, or visit our website (
Midwest Systems Solutions, Inc.
Midwest Systems Solutions Inc. , based in Winnipeg Canada, provides hardware, software and consulting services including LAN, WAN, remote access, file and printer servers, Internet solutions and support and administration of FreeBSD and Linux systems. Midwest Systems specializes in Web, FTP, Internet Gateways, firewall solutions based on FreeBSD and Linux. Midwest Systems Solutions also offers both virtual and dedicated webhosting solutions. For more information, please contact or visit our website at
Mike Meyer of Meyer Consulting has been providing Unix-based solutions since 1976, and web-based applications since 1992. These solutions range from chemical systems modeling to device drivers, and the web applications have ranged from community-building applications to web based software release systems. For more information, please contact
MindStep Corp.
MindStep Corp. configure and maintain Intranet/Internet networks using FreeBSD and other Unix operating systems. MindStep also offers products and provides software development services customized to fit the needs of corporations of any size.
Mosman Consultoria e Desenvolvimento
Mosman Consultoria e Desenvolvimento works at the development of a FreeBSD based ISP management solution called VirtexAdmin.
Mseuss Unternehmensberatung
Msuess Unternehmensberatung is a consulting company based in Schwandorf (near Regensburg), Germany. As a consulting / isv partner we are developing web-portals (using Python and ZOPE/Plone on FreeBSD) and developing individual solutions (Python, Tcl/tk, ADA) on FreeBSD. We also provide ZOPE administration and consulting on FreeBSD and other *ix-like systems. We are the main sponsor of the german ix-wiki. For more information please contact or visit our website.
National Informatics Company
National Informatics Company provides research and development services for information technology. We work with FreeBSD to support or manage research projects for high performance computing, bioinformatics, enterprise software technologies and artificial intelligence. We also help companies make the transition from proprietary software products to Open Source products. Our phone number is (425) 740-0139.
Nesbitt & Associates
Nesbitt & Associates is based in Vancouver, Canada, but have worked with clients all over the world. We specialize in open source technologies, in particular, FreeBSD, Perl, Apache, mod_perl and MySQL. For more information, please visit our web site.
NetFence deploys and maintains Internet/intranet servers based on FreeBSD and other open source software (including Apache web server, Squid, Samba, Cyrus IMAP, PostgreSQL, OpenVPN and others). Network and client-side hardware/software/support is also offered, as well as custom programming and security coverage. It is located in Bologna, Italy and can be reached at
Netgraft Corp.
Netgraft Corp. is a technology consulting firm that specializes in open source technologies like Linux, FreeBSD, MySQL, Apache, Sendmail, BIND, etc. We're New York City based and can provide on-site support and customized business solutions based on these technologies.
Netizen, based in Melbourne, Australia, provide Internet and Open Source consultancy services, including FreeBSD installation, configuration, support contracts, applications development, E-Commerce solutions, etc. See or email for more information.
NetManiacs is a dutch company based in Eindhoven. We provide consulting, (system administration) support, custom software and a broad range of (internet/business) server solutions. For more information visit or contact us at
Neturn Corp.
Neturn Corp., based in Vancouver, Canada, provides complete solutions on selective and fine-tuned hardware and software (BSDs as primary server OSs) platforms to meet the demand from e-commerce, telecom, manufacturing, industrial, aerospace, medical applications where stability and reliability are mandatory. For detailed information, please visit /netserv.
Network Advantage LLC
We strive to bring the same technology advantages enjoyed by large organizations to small and medium-sized businesses, schools, and non-profits, at a realistic and practical cost. FreeBSD running SAMBA, Apache, MySQL, PHP, sql-ledger, KDE, and many other applications is often the central ingredient of this solution. Please email us for free initial consultation.
nihonsoft LLC.
We provide consulting in English and Japanese to help your business get started in Japan. We especially like to help FOSS companies set up branches in Japan, and promote the use of FOSS systems such as Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD throughout industries and schools in Japan.
NixSys specializes in the development, maintainance and deployment of Free and Open Source Software on any scale. Remote and on-site systems administration, particularly in the areas of mail and dns, are also available. Contact us for more information and rates.
NS3G.COM, based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, offers a variety of services and products. We specialize in products that run under FreeBSD and other *NIX systems but also support other platforms. Solutions for firewalls, LAN's, WAN'S and web presence are just a few that we offer. Please visit us at or contact us at for more information or to get a quote.
Omar Siddique
Omar Siddique is a Washington, D.C. based consultant with broad experience in FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris. His specialties include internet services, systems integration, system administration, and networking. Contact him via
Omniscient Technologies
Omniscient Technologies is a Washington D.C. based consulting group with a broad array of experience in *BSD, Solaris, Linux and many other varieties of UNIX specializing in highly scalable systems, systems integration and network security. Custom application design also available. Contact via
Open Sistemas
We are a spanish company focused on providing business consulting and global solutions based on Open Source software and operating systems, like FreeBSD and GNU/Linux. We offer customers and partners our high quality services, from integration to low level C/C++ developments, 24x7 support, and our own or third-party open technologies. For more information contact us at , visit our web site or contact us by phone at +34 91 445 39 36.
Open Source Associates, LLC
Open Source Associates LLC is a St. Louis, Missouri based consulting firm specializing in the support of all things Open Source related with strong emphasis on FreeBSD, MySQL, Sendmail, BIND, and Apache. Open Source's highly skilled consultants are available for telephone support as well as support contracts and onsite consulting engagements anywhere in the United States. We have particular expertise in the design, implementation, and support of highly available clustered websites. We specialize in remote administration and management to keep complex systems running reliably. For more information email us at or call toll-free 866-343-2589.
OpenIT Solucoes Tecnologicas
OpenIT is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our core business is directed to *BSD systems. We offer BSD training, support and consulting. We also maintain a daily web news site located at which is promoting BSD in Brazil. We organized BSDCon Brazil in december 2003.
openMindShare draws on over a decade of expertise in diverse information technology fields. We handle information technology infrastructure needs and we do it with FreeBSD. We offer a myriad of services and solutions. See our web site or e-mail ( for more information.
OpenSOS SB is a company which provides consulting and professional services for FreeBSD based solutions based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We also provide maintenance and support services in Malaysia. We can operate at short notice in any region in Asia for a truly professional quick-to-service operational capability. However we are willing to consider projects outside Malaysia. We are specialized in FreeBSD, MacOSX and basically in all kinds of UNIX systems.
Opensourcexperts hosts one the largest (free) directories of companies who support Open Source software world-wide. If you provide support for FreeBSD list yourself in their FreeBSD index
OpenTrend Solutions Ltd
OpenTrend Solutions Ltd provides consulting and facilities management services through Canada. We specialize in supporting FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Linux, and have specialist skills in system administration, security and network design & management. We donate 2% of gross profits to the support of open source software and have partnered with organisations in the United States and Australia to better support multi-national clients.
OpenWorld has been providing computer, network, and security consulting since 1994. Our clients? range from Fortune 500 companies to regional small businesses. Our engineers each have at least 10 years of experience in Unix systems and networks. We provide full service consulting, implementation, installation, security, and support for FreeBSD, SUN Solaris, SCO Unixware, SCO OpenServer, SGI Irix, IBM AIX, Compaq Digital Unix, and Cisco IOS. Please email us at or call us at 606-514-1800 for further information.
os-cillation, located in Siegen/NRW, Germany. We offer a broad range in BSD-based software-development (C/C++/Java/HTML/PHP/Perl/SQL). Installation and support of FreeBSD based mail, web, firewall, database, news, dns and ftp servers. FreeBSD and Windows desktop integration. Also experienced with NetBSD, Solaris and Linux.
OsBTI Pty. Ltd.
One of our specialities is the support, administraton and installation of FreeBSD in SME Server Environments. Through our team of technicians, we provide support both onsite and remotely to both Australia and small select international clients.
OSC Services
We proivde technical support and expertise, around opensource software technologies, security and network solutions.
Ouellet Consulting Inc.
OCI specialize in systems/networks design, implementation and security solutions, including solutions meeting HIPPA requirements. We spec out, configure and support firewalls, proxy-arrays, servers, switches, mail systems, web servers, databases, etc. We are familiar with and support most Windows and Unix/Linux systems including FreeBSD. We offer remote administration services worldwide, on all supported platforms. We plan and assist with Active Directory migrations. For more information please contact us via e-mail or call us +1-850-510-6162. Please see our website for complete details on what we offer.
Oxalide is a consultancy firm and solution provider. Our fields of expertise include UNIX software system deployment such as secure mail systems (SMTP, POP, IMAP), advanced Web server configurations, high-availability firewalling, etc. Our knowledge of FreeBSD, *BSD, Commercial Unix and Linux is thorough.
Parc Productions
Parc Productions. Located in the Netherlands. Started in 1997. We deliver professional system engineering services for FreeBSD, OpenBSD and MacOS X. Our services include 24/7 support, consultancy, maintenance of both hardware and software, assembly and installation of hardware, remote and on-site support, development of scripts and software for the machines we maintain etcetera. Of course we deliver hosting facilities and space for your servers at low costs as well. Visit our websites at or Please contact us by email or by telephone: +31-204892456.
Pate Consulting, Inc.
We specialize in providing solid open source solutions for businesses using OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Linux. 6 years in business. 12 years of experience - MCSE, CCNA, RHCE certifications - Also MySQL, PostgreSQL. VPNs, firewalls, wireless, DNS, squidGuard, mail - even training with FreeBSD. You can contact us via e-mail, call us at 713.333.5468 or send us a fax at 713.333.5494.
Peter Dufault
Peter Dufault, of HD Associates. Peter has over 15 years experience in medical device control, high performance simulation systems, digital closed-loop feedback systems, realtime UNIX-like systems, and UNIX device drivers. For more information, please send email to
PHB Solutions
PHB Solutions, based in Belgium, provides *BSD installation, maintenance, support and consulting services (file servers, web servers, mail servers, database servers, routers). For more information, please contact philippe.bresoux@phbs
Phil Budne
Phil Budne is a Boston area consultant who has worked professionally with BSD and other Unix systems since 1985. Services include development and porting of kernel extensions, device drivers, network protocol implementation, and applications, as well as network and system administration. For more information contact
Pine Internet
Pine Internet implements LAN, WAN and remote access solutions, offers Unix support and administration contracts and advises ISP's and other corporate customers concerning their network and server setup. Pine specializes in Internet security, performs security auditing services on demand, and offers firewall solutions based on FreeBSD. Other products we offer are webhosting, facility management and leased lines. Among the products we use are FreeBSD, Cisco routers, PHP, Apache, Perl, Solaris and MySQL. Pine has 8+ years of Unix and Internet experience. We feature some of the largest ISP's in the Netherlands as our customers. For more information, please contact or visit our website at
Potter Systems
Matthew R. Potter has over 8 years in UNIX IP Networks, specializes in BSD, OS X and Network Consulting and is located in Northern Virginia. You can reach him via email at Matthew R. Potter.
Poul-Henning Kamp
Poul-Henning Kamp has over 12 years of experience in UNIX & Networks, and is a former FreeBSD Core Team member. Poul developed phkmalloc, tcl_nm, tcl_db, tcl_snmp and more, and was the Release Engineer for several FreeBSD releases. Poul resides in Denmark, and can be reached via email at
Puryear Information Technology, LLC
Puryear Information Technology, LLC provides open source application support, integration services, and technology management expertise to the Southeastern United States. Our company plays a pivotal role in the design and deployment of open source solutions--we have worked with companies to design and manage FreeBSD and Linux web farms; deployed open source-based clustering software to ensure high availability of critical network services; performed critical performance tuning and software integration for a popular spam filter appliance; and integrated Samba into Internet-accessible, VPN-based file services. Phone: +1-225-343-3056.
Python Byte Solutions
Python Byte Solutions is an independant IT consulting company based in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. We provide services pertaining to software & web development, hosting, support, installation, and training. We specialize in Python, Zope, Apache, MySQL, *BSD, and Linux. You can check out our web site or contact us directly at
Questwork Consulting Limited
Questwork Consulting Limited is based in Hong Kong. We provide consulting, web application development, hosting & maintenance services on FreeBSD to our clients for more than 5 years. For more information, please contact us by email at or visit our website.
R and D Associates, Inc.
R & D Associates, Inc. developed utilizing FreeBSD running Apache. We employed consulting services from Poul-Henning Kamp to develop our Virtual Server solution (which is available in FreeBSD 4.0 and higher). R & D Associates, Inc. is an application development firm specializing in client/server application development. We use FreeBSD running Apache and utilizing PHP and MySQL (As well as NT with ASP and SQL/Access).
RackmountNet is a One-stop shop for rackmount Linux, FreeBSD systems. Our products include Rackmount chassis, server rack cabinet, Rackmount LCD Monitor, and related accessories. For more information, contact
Raditex AB
Raditex AB are a firm of consultants and also do education in Unix. We have long experience with all kinds of Unix systems not only FreeBSD or Linux. For more information phone us at +46.8.6949270 or give us an email at or visit our web site.
Unix since 1990. Remote installation (Europe-webhosting, Brasil, USA) and local. We train, install, configure and admin FreeBSD, Linux (RedHat, Suse, Gentoo, Mandrake), Solaris. Inside network - MacOSX, Windows, etc (we support too). Contact: Rui Bento <>
Recover Data
Recover Data supports hard drive repair for data recovery. With over 10 years experience, our data recovery services are second to none. Specialising in recovering data for data recovery companies and RAID configurations.
REMSYS, based in Chisinau, Moldova, provides and specializes in support and consulting for FreeBSD, BSDi, Linux and other Unix variants. We are dedicated to offering solutions for desktop and server environments. We can help installing, configuring, system administration (Exim, SMTP, Database, Webhosting, DNS, Apache Webstats etc.) Our experience covers the most important branches of current IT industry, from routine of server management, security audits and updates, to high performance computing, mitigating attacks and recovering data from crashed file systems. We offer you up to date solutions for remote systems management, keeping your network equipment up and operational 24 hours a day. For more information please visit our web site or contact us at or call us at +373 22 23-20-70, +373 79-40-63-09.
S.C. vocalNET S.R.L.
Over 3 years experience with designing, installing and maintaining (support and administration) security solutions (firewalls, IDS and VPN's) and voice solutions over *BSD platforms. We can secure services like mail, dns, web, ftp making them more secure and reliable. For more information, please phone us at +40788401422 or +40217255117, e-mail:, or visit our web site.
secion GmbH
secion GmbH is an IT service and consulting company located in Hamburg, Germany. With our long-term experience in *BSD, Linux and Unix, as well as in-depth Windows knowledge, we deliver commercial-grade services in designing, implementing and administering server, client and network infrastructures. Our skills includes database-, web- and network/communication programming in large IT and Telco environments. One of our main work areas is also designing and setting up larger IPSec VPNs, security systems, firewall concepts and communication systems. For more information call us at +49-40-389071-0 or visit our web site.
Secnetix GmbH and Co KG
Secnetix GmbH & Co KG -- located in Munich, Germany -- has a strong focus on BSD systems and offers professional consulting services, ranging from basic administration, programming and security-related tasks to sophisticated projects involving design, implementation and maintenance of complex network setups. For more information, please visit our web site or send a message to
*BSD consultancy, installations and configurations. Worked for government institutions as well as for large corporations. Intrusion Detection Systems, firewalls, nats, proxies, webservers, heavy load mail systems with GUI interface. Security advisor experienced in firewalling. Training. Telephone: +48 888 774 774, email:
Security Audit and Control Solutions
Security Audit and Control Solutions (SACS) provides information security consultation and IT auditing services and offers professional FreeBSD support. SACS has developed a complete range of Technological Risk Management solutions using FreeBSD as an anchor for data analysis. Firewalls deployed using FreeBSD makes a cost effective solution in any organization and SACS can implement a secure FreeBSD firewall with caching engines, Network Address Translation (NAT) and proxies. For additional information please contact Mervin Pearce or visit
Senokian Solutions Ltd
Senokian Solutions are a company dedicated to the use of and support of Open Source Software. We offer support and consultancy on deployment of FreeBSD, and offer firewall and security related products and services using FreeBSD as well as hosting and servers. We also provide servers and desktops pre-installed with FreeBSD. Visit our website at or email us at, or phone +44 870 744 2030.
Silicon Landmark LLC
Silicon Landmark's mission is to supply our customers with fully customized, scalable, turn-key Information Technology solutions at competitive prices. We specialize in designing package products that will meet and your business' needs and budget.
Sirius leads in the deployment, support and training of Open Source technology, including FreeBSD. We support organisations across Europe in their pursuit of innovative, versatile and robust technology solutions without the financial burden of software licensing.
SolucoesIP is a Brazil based company. We are specialized in firewalls and mail servers running FreeBSD. We also offer consulting services all over Brazil.
Southern Gazer
Southern Gazer is a consulting company with 20 years PC technical support experience based in Sydney's idyllic Sutherland Shire. Our focus is helping businesses get their computers working right while spending as little as possible on IT. We're passionate supporters of Open Source products and can help the average business save money and gain reliability by using systems such as FreeBSD on their file servers, print servers, e-mail systems plus lots more. We also supply a complete range of Linux and BSD CD's at ultra low prices. Please drop by our website, email us at, or call us on 02 9532 1217 to have a chat.
Steuben Technologies
Steuben Technologies is a consulting company offering support, administration, custom software development, legacy systems support and solutions tailored to your unique business model on a wide range of platforms including FreeBSD, NetBSD and most commercial UNIX platforms and much more. Please see our website or call us at (607)661-4431.
Strategite is a company based in Paris, France. We offer many services: Support, installation, maintenance, administration, configuration of servers like firewall, VPN, IDS, web server, mail server, DNS or whatever you need. Our services offerings include a high-level of security using *BSD (like FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD), Linux, MacOS and commercial Unix systems is wide and is your guaranty. For more information, visit our website, mail us or phone us at +33 (0) 140 337 130.
Syntonet Ltd
Syntonet Ltd is UK based provider of Consultancy and Custom Development Services. Principal consultant Rob Pickering has over 10 years system software development experience on BSD based platforms. Areas of expertise include firewall and networking system setup, custom development in C and C++, and supply of turnkey solutions. For further information, contact us by email at, call +44.870.166.4400 (Voice) or +44.870.166.4411 (Fax).
SysConfig Consulting
SysConfig Consulting designs, configures, and installs FreeBSD based email gateway solutions, Dial-on-Demand ISDN, and T-1 Network to Network, Network to Internet Connections for businesses in the Southeastern United States. For more information, please send e-mail to, or visit our web site.
Technetics Consulting Pty. Ltd.
Technetics is located in Melbourne Australia. We provide prompt IT services & support, system maintenance, hard drive recovery services, consulting and other services on various platforms including FreeBSD, Linux and Unix. We offer on site support within Melbourne Australia and world wide via remote login. We also offer expert data recovery services for Unix based platforms. Call anytime ph. +61 3 9663 1899 or email us at
Technetics Data Recovery
Technetics Data Recovery is one of the leading data recovery labs in Australia. With many years of experience in the data recovery industry we are the experts you can rely on in the event of data loss.
Located in the Senegal (west Africa). Started in 2001. We deliver professional system engineering services for FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Windows. Our services include 24/7 support, consultancy, maintenance of both hardware and software, assembly and installation of hardware, remote and on-site support, development of scripts and software for the machines we maintain etc. Of course we deliver hosting facilities and space for your servers at low costs as well. Visit our websites at Please contact us by email <> or by telephone: +221 - 8559900.
Techno Centre Logiciels Libres (TC2L)
TC2L is pioneers the IT industry by offering businesses and public institutions the first one-stop shop for services, open source software, and hardware to meet all IT needs. Our approach is based on a unified network of technical and strategic high level partners for service throughout Quebec. TC2L provides all the support you need for easy migration to FLOSS (including special attention to FreeBSD). From planning and implementation to training and technical support, we provide comprehensive service. User support has always been TC2L's top priority. As such, we have shared our expertise in FLOSS and computer problem solving abilities with the Government and large companies country-wide.
Tecno21 - Openservices
We provide setup and support for FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Linux. We have 10+ years experience with open source softwares on corporate and SMB customers. We offer custom applications (C/C++/Java/C#), network infrastructure design, security, audit and smartcard solutions. Contact us via e-mail or by phone at +55 (11) 3825-2472.
TecVD is located in Barcelona, Spain. We are a company focused in system security and open source implementations (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD) in heterogeneous infrastructure. We also have security appliances, Tseg series, and network services appliances like Tcor series. We can provide you with a complete enterprise solution tailored to your needs. See our website or email us at for further information.
Tegtmeier Internet Solutions
Tegtmeier Internet Solutions is located in Hamburg / Germany. We offer consulting, professional support and maintenance for *BSD and Linux systems and are developing individual solutions in C/Perl/PHP/SQL/HTML/shell, based on open source products. We are focused on internet security, high availability and performance/optimization. Visit our website at
Tetrad Digital Integrity (TDI)
TDI is an information assurance company in the Washington, DC area and specializes in providing total security solutions in the private and public sectors. TDI delivers an end-to-end solution to security problems occurring in the networks of private technology firms, the U.S. government and the military. TDI can provide consulting services for all aspects of FreeBSD secure enterprise deployment: desktop, server, infrastructure (router/firewall), etc. Our website is at and we can be reached by email at , by phone at 202-337-5600 and by fax at 202-337-5601.
The FreeBSD Mall
The FreeBSD Mall offers several different levels of support contracts for FreeBSD. Support is available on a per-incident basis, or as a convenient, extensible annual contract. Our highly trained technical support staff will handle your requests in a professional and efficient manner and will provide detailed responses to your needs by phone, fax, or email. The FreeBSD Mall staff has over 8 years of experience supporting FreeBSD. For more information, please see our support page.
The Linux Box
The Linux Box, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, provides consulting and training services for open source operating systems and products, including FreeBSD and Linux. For more information, contact or view our website at
Triona - Information und Technologie GmbH
Triona - Information und Technologie GmbH offers FreeBSD installation and administration services, individual software development, web-, application- and database-servers. The company is based in Mainz, Germany. For more information contact us via email or visit our web site.
TundraWare Inc.
TundraWare Inc. provides FreeBSD related consultancy in all contexts, from Embedded to large Transaction Processing systems. We have extensive International experience and can provide services in network design, systems architecture, development, deployment and operations. Contact us via telephone on 847/827-1706, via email to or write to us at TundraWare Inc., 817 Fairmont Court, Des Plaines, IL 60018, USA.
For more than 10 years TUNIX - the only Dutch firewall developer - brings you a unique combination of security-services: high-level training on Internet-technology and tailor-made security solutions. TUNIX Security offers an end-to-end solution with a full range of services such as consultancy for developing a security-policy and design of a security-architecture, project-management, turn-key implementation of firewall-appliances, multi-level support and 24x7 management and monitoring. The security solutions are build on the TUNIX Firewall, a modular, FreeBSD based proxy-level firewall. For more information, please contact or visit our website at
Ultranix Consulting Ltd.
UltraNIX is a network and IT systems consultancy based close to Gatwick in the South East of England. We specialise in all aspects of FreeBSD consultancy, including remote support / installations / upgrades. Also provide FreeBSD based hosting solutions, tailored to your needs. Visit or email
UnitedWare, LLC
UnitedWare, LLC is a Cincinnati, Ohio based company that provides FreeBSD server setup and custom web and desktop applications. We perform IT audits and solutions to identify and manage the information needs of any business. To contact us visit our website or give us a call at (513) 563-0897.
Unix Consulting
Based in London, England, we are focused on BSD/Linux and Open Source consultancy and support. Whether your business already runs Linux/FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD or you are considering the introduction of Open Source technology, Unix Consulting can help you every step of the way.
Unix Technologies Ltda.
Unix Technologies provides administration and installation of Unix systems services, HA Clusters, Voice over IP platforms, message gateways, SMS, GSM over FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Unix TCP/IP software, firewalls, VPN, 802.1q, IDS, IPS, QoS over VOIP and embedded systems. Located in Santiago, Chile.
UnixPorting specializes in the porting of existing software to new operating systems or hardware. In addition to porting, we specialize in C and Perl programming, Unix system administration and security, and open source technologies (FreeBSD, Perl, Apache, mod_perl, MySQL, etc.). For more information, please visit our web site.
Venture 37
Our company provides Mail, Web and DNS hosting solutions based on OpenBSD & FreeBSD as well as Technical Support and Management (on site or remote) for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux and BSD-like operating systems. We also provide services such as connectivity & colocation in datacentres at Brighton and London. Check out our web site or contact us at
Wave2 Limited
Wave2 Limited is an Open Source consultancy, based in the UK, providing custom solutions with an emphasis on FreeBSD. Services include software development (Java, Perl, Python, VB), Heterogeneous Network / System Administration (FreeBSD, Linux, OSX, Solaris and Windows). If you are looking for an Open Source solution, please contact me at
WBP Systems
WBP Systems has a wide range of experience in a number of disciplines. Business Intelligence software is created to increase the productivity of your business. We specialize in CRM, ERP and SCM solutions. Web portals and automation of certain business processes are also available. The Infrastructure Management group is designed to manage, design and create integrated solutions for our customer's networks.
Webangel is a company working with open-source operating system and software from the beggining. We offer consultancy, support, development, training and remote administration services. You can reach us by email or phone: +353 85 157 04 61. We are based in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin Ireland.
WeTi.NeT - Limberger HandelsgesmbH is a full service Consultant and Supplier for pre-installed FreeBSD Servers. We ship Firewalls, Internet Gateways, Mail Systems with virus protection, realtime http scanner, File and Print Servers. Network planning and implementation of WANS with IPSEC tunneling, Samba and Hylafax installations. Founded in 1977 with Unix and Novell experience since more than 30 years. We are based in Bad Goisern and Salzburg, Austria and have customer references throughout Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany ranging from 5 to 60000 Users. We are also shipping pre-installed Asterisk Telephone Systems and have best the references with it.
William Richard & Associates
William Richard & Associates offers FreeBSD, Internet, and e-commerce consulting, implementation, and support options for clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit our website or e-mail us.
Wirewalk Technologies
Wirewalk Technologies is a NYC based consulting company, with offices in London, Moscow and Rome. We provide consulting solutions for: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Solaris, HPUX, AIX and Irix. Programming solutions in: C, C++, Java, Perl, Oracle, MySQl etc. Contact us: sales at, 646-827-9397.
Workgroup Technology Partners, Inc.
Workgroup Technology Partners, Inc.We sell and support Unix systems including Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, Linux and FreeBSD. For comments refer to our site
WorldServe Consulting
WorldServe Consulting offers FreeBSD installation, configuration and maintenance consulting services to businesses in Northern Virginia. We also offer web site development and custom web solutions. Over four years of experience. Check out our web site or e-mail us at
Worria Affordable Web Hosting
Worria Affordable Web Hosting is a privately owned company in Hong Kong. We offer FreeBSD web hosting related consulting services, such as server administration and website management. For more details, please email our sales team.
Xetpoint Oy is located in Pirkkala, Finland. We offer professional FreeBSD support, consulting, programming, maintenance and monitoring services. For more information, please visit our website.
Zelfi AG
Zelfi AG supports FreeBSD by offering consulting services in Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. We provide installation and administration of web- and database servers. Please see our website, or write to for more information. It is also possible to reach us via phone at +49-6131-9064850.
Zero Penalty
Located in the city of Toronto Canada, Zero Penalty is well positioned to service clients within Canada and abroad who require Technology Consulting services. Though focused on technology infrastructure services, Zero Penalty offers a variety of products and services that include Telephony Services including VOIP Deployment and Management, Network Design, Build and Management, System Support, including Desktop Support, Hosting and Colocation.
Offshore Services is one of our core strengths, including Infrastructure Management, Monitoring and Deployment. Businesses that require offshore hosting and services will benefit from our expertise in working with international telecom providers, and our understanding of the international IT landscape.
At Zero Penalty, we strive to make our clients comfortable with the choices they make, provide value, and quality products and services. Contact us today to start a relationship that will help your business strive in its IT requirements.
Zytrax, Inc. is based in Montreal, Canada and provides consulting, development, implementation, hosting and maintenance services specialising in the BSD platforms. Our skill base includes Apache, PHP, Ruby, DNS, Mail, LDAP, Samba, PostgeSQL/MySQL and embedded systems. Please email us at We can be reached via telephone at +1.514.285.9088.